These 10 Bizarre Natural Occurrences Have Even The Experts Baffled! Especially #2


Whoever said we live in a strange and crazy world was probably referring to these 10 mysterious natural occurrences reported around the world. From flying fishes to suicidal birds these are the 10 most hitherto insane, crazy and unnatural phenomenon observed in nature. Yes, we said ‘Unnatural in Nature’ Can there be a weirder oxymoron?’ We don’t think so!

1. Catatumbo Lightning, Venezuela
This is a mysterious occurrence seen at the mouth of the Catatumbo River in Venezuela. It is an everlasting storm that occurs for 140 to 160 nights a year during which you can see lightning strikes for up to 10 hours per day and up to 280 times per hour. This lightning can be witnessed even from a long distance and can even serve as navigation aid for sailors. It is a mystery as to why this storm is region specific and its long lasting nature is also an enigma.

2. Mass Bird Suicide, India
At the end of every monsoon in Jatinga, a small village in Assam, a strange phenomenon occurs. People have reported to have witnessed birds crashing themselves to death.  This rare occurrence has put even the biggest ornithologists in a fix.  The only reasonable explanation was that these birds get hit by high velocity winds and come down to get away from them. Some do drop dead but that could be due to exhaustion and not because the bird committed suicide.

3. Morning Glory Clouds, Australia
Beautiful cylindrical cloud formations are observed on the rarest of occasions in Australia. The cause behind this spectacular view has left the greatest minds in bewilderment.

4. Green Flash During Sunrise And Sunset
A strange flash of green light is observed for a very brief moment on rare occasions only when the sun is about to rise above the horizon or go below the horizon. The occurrence has no scientific explanation but it is contemplated that it has something to do with the optimum meteorological conditions.

5. Living Rock, Chile
This is the craziest and wackiest creature that nature has ever produced. It looks like a rock, breathes like a living being, born as a male and turns into a hermaphroditic at puberty and throws out clouds of sperms and eggs into the air which get knocked together by a stroke of luck. WOW!

6. Lenticular Clouds
Lens shaped clouds are formed normally in perpendicular alignment to the wind direction. Owing to their elliptical shape, they are mistaken to be Unidentified Flying Object Sightings.

7. Sailing Stones In Death Valley, California
Stones of all sizes seem to fly and move on their own mysteriously with no human or animal intervention. The explanation to this spooky migration still remains unsolved. Although, there are hypothesis making the rounds that during the winter, ice forms around thousands of rocks and as the ground becomes wet, the stones begin to slide, leaving magnificent trails behind them.

8. Animal Rain
A meteorological phenomenon that has been observed in different geographical locations in which animals rain from the sky. In 2009, Jamnagar witnessed a shower of fish. There are a few plausible explanations to this weird phenomenon but nothing stands concrete.

9. Ghost Light, Rann of Kutch
During the night a very eerie and unearthly dancing light was reported from the Banni grasslands and the adjoining desert of the marshy salt flats of the Rann of Kurch.  Scientists are still scratching their heads in vain to explain this occurrence.

10. Fairy Circles, Namibia
Mysterious circular patches are observed on the bare soil of some parts in South Africa. No one is certain about the facts behind these weird circles. However, scientists are of the opinion that it may be harboring termites which consume the vegetation leaving behind these patches.