10 Murder Houses People Still Live In! It Doesn’t Get Creepier Than This!


Would you live in a house if you knew a murder had taken place in it?? Well apparently some people just wouldn’t mind, considering after the murders most of these ecstatic houses were sold at discounted price. While most were either demolished or people too scared to live in them as they suspected paranormal activity, these are some and a few of the houses that were occupied by people even after these gruesome murders took place.

1. The La Bianca House
Known for the famous Charles Mason murders in 1969, this house was the spot where five ardent followers of Mason mercilessly killer five people in the house of director Roman Polanski. Untouched for a period, the house was eventually bought by a Filipino couple for 375,000$ in which they changed the address from 3301 to 3311 and renovated the pool and the carpeted flooring.

Image Source: oddee.com

2. Amityville Horror house on Long Island
Ronald DeFeo Jr in 1973 had a psychotic fit that led him to kill his 6 family members. His house has been a location for horror movies and creepy tales but a few years after the incident a couple called the Kultz bought the house at a heavily discounted price. The house was also called High Hopes at one point.

Image Source: house-nerd.com

3. LaLaurie Mansion
Madam LaLaurie was once the owner of this house and a friendly socialite. At one point she turned a serial killer only to buy slaves and torture them, later dumping their bodies in attic of this very mansion. The house was briefly owned by actor Nicholas Cage but them was bought by someone else for 2.3 million dollars.

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4. The Sowden House
This magnificent structure is the scene of the famous Black Dahlia murder where Elizabeth Short was brutally raped and mutilated. The house went for a whopping 4.8 million dollars.

5. The Rudolph Heoss’s House
Now a young couple resides here, but during the world war Mass murderer and Nazi Rudolph Hoess stayed in this very building. This Auschwitz house has a tunnel and a creepy attic which the couple wishes to avoid. The attic was the place where he and his companion evil doctor Josef Mengele killed and experimented on people. The building still has a weird feeling about it and the attic is numbered 88.

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6. The Jon Benet Ramsey House
The very house where 6 year old Jon Benet was found dead after a search for him was done as all thought he was missing. The owners slashed the rates of the house to make a sale.

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7. Nicole Brown Simpson’s Condo
This Los Angeles condo is the spot where Nicole Brown and her husband were brutally murdered. People still reside in this house having pushed the thoughts of the trauma aside.

Image Source: abcnews.go.com

8. Jeffrey Dahmer’s Childhood Home
It was here that this infamous serial killer made his first kill. It was Steven Hicks who was his first victim in 1978 and his body scattered over the front of the house. The house, his parents’ house, is the scene for his first murder and is up for sale for anyone who could stomach the history of the house (as of Aug 2014).

Image Source: news.yahoo.com

9. “In Cold Blood” Murder House (Holcomb, Kansas)
This housed the Clutter family that was brutally murdered by two men Richard “Dick” Hickock and Perry Edward Smith. They presumed the Clutter family was rich and raided the house for money, enraged on not finding any, they slaughtered them. A cattle rancher Bob Byrd bought the house and lived in it for a while before putting it up for auction after being fed up of being visited by crime scene enthusiasts.

Image Source: hauntedcolorado.net

10. Menendez Murder House (Beverly Hills, CA)
Here two brothers killed their parents in cold blood. They shot their father Jose in the head and their mother Kitty when she was trying to escape. They blamed their parent’s abuse on them for the reason for the murders but were charged with first degree murders. The house has been sold to two different parties since.

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