These 10 Mysterious Disappearances Will Send A Chill Down Your Spine


Our history has borne witness to the most baffling disappearances around the world…people, things; vanish into thin air without a trace, leaving us behind to pick up the pieces albeit without any success. it’s as if they’ve been swallowed up by a giant void in space…These inexplicable disappearance refuse to coincide with logic…some are supported by facts but some are just fuel to folklore, but as history as our witness many have tried and inornately failed to legitimize the reason behind the disappearance. As to what happened to them remains a mystery, like they’ve just been wiped out from the face of earth.

Mysteries never fails to fascinate us mere humans… there is something about a mystery that irks, excites, and injects us with a dismal case of insomnia with a question, reiterating in our heads, where did they all go??…they might be an anomaly but they are fascinating none the less…here are some of the fascinating disappearances in the world and do feel free to conspire….

1. Amelia Earhart
Who doesn’t remember this brave soul who was the first woman aviator to fly across the Atlantic in a day and age when women were still not considered to be the equals of men? In a way she set the precedence to all the self-sufficient women out there but on July 2nd 1937 Amelia along with her navigator Fred disappeared in the pacific during her attempt to fly around the world. Within hours search parties were dispatched but there was no trace of the plane or the people in it. The search concluded in 1939 and the authorities declared her legally dead after two years of her disappearance. Even after 77 years the whereabouts of the plane and Amelia remains a mystery for the ages.

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2. Virginia Dare (The Lost Colony)
If you are all familiar with American folklore or the show sleepy hollow you’ll know Virginia dare was the first child born in America to English parents Eleanor and Ananias dare and she was the granddaughter of John White the governor of Roanoke colony in 1587. They were English settlers who established their colony in Roanoke colony now known as Carolina in late 1500’s. The settlers in the colony were constantly subjected to hardships so the governor decided to return to England to find supplies and return to the settlement. He returned after two years to find that the members of his colony along with his granddaughter had vanished. There was no trace of their whereabouts except for that one word inscribed on the post “croatoan”. It is believed that a tribe by that name annihilated the colony but we remain unconvinced since there was no sign of foul play in the area. Their disappearance remains a mystery due to lack of foresight apart from the one provided by the show sleepy hollow. You’ve got to admit it is one of the greatest mysteries of America and that’s what lends this story an air of intrigue.

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3. Flight 19
Ever ponder about the fate of those who enter the Bermuda Triangle? Well this story began on the fateful afternoon of December 5th 1945. Five Navy TBM Avenger planes led by flight instructor Charles Taylor took off from fort Lauderdale Florida on a training mission. Half an hour in to the mission there were reports of the pilots feeling disoriented and experiencing failure to recognize the landmarks below them. In radio transmissions Taylor was heard saying that both his compass were out of commission and was basically flying blind. Despite the collective efforts of the crew back at the naval base, the planes failed to find their bearings and were never heard from again. Later a plane was sent out to determine the fate of the crew but that too disappeared and was never hear from again!

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4. Jean Spangler
Jean Spangler was not just another byproduct of our beloved tinsel town… she was a small time actress who didn’t apologize for living it big, but with a face that could melt ice (in a good way) you could forgive her minor transgressions and she did have a big movie coming out for her called “man with a horn” (no, this is not a joke). Jean Spangler was a discreet part of the movie bizz until her name gained momentum when she mysteriously vanished while she was out collecting alimony from her ex -husband. A good case could be made for murder by the ex (I mean nobody likes paying alimony) if it wasn’t for her purse appearing two days later exactly the way it had been and with a cryptic note that read “kirk, can’t wait any longer going to see Dr. Scott. It’ll work best this way while mother is away”.
The intriguing part of the story, well, nobody knew who kirk was… he didn’t exist…except that one day, he did, actor kirk Douglas had worked with her in some projects, so all the wary eyes turned towards him…the guy went out of his way to convince people he barely knew her and the police followed all the leads but the case remains inconclusive Jean Spangler is still presumed dead under mysterious circumstances.

5. Craig D. button
On April 2nd 1997 Capt. Button ventured on his training mission with a plane armed with explosives in Tucson, Arizona and he was never heard from again when his mission went awry… After being refueled in-flight the plane flew off course and was seen circling around certain areas of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. His jet was spotted by observes who reported that the plane was swerving around like they do in bad weather, that led the authorities to believe the plane was under control and being flown manually. The jet crashed in mountains of Colorado bringing a sad end to this erratic mission. The remains of Capt. Button remains were found after four months but the weapons were never recovered… According to sources, by all appearances Button’s was a well-adjusted individual with great foresight who couldn’t have succumbed to suicidal tendencies… so the reason behind these baffling events is etched with mystery.

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6. Egypt flight 990
In 1999 Egypt flight 990 on its way to Cairo via new york crashed in to the Atlantic killing 217 people on board…what lends this a coveted aura of mystery are the two theories orbiting around its fatal crash… one of the theories suggest that the co-pilot before getting into the plane was reprimanded on his repellent sexual conduct and was believed to have harbored animosity against the airline…so he purposely crashed the plane…the plausibility in this theory arises from the voice recordings recovered in the wreckage where he is eerily reiterating the phrase “ I rely on god” before taking the plane down with him. But the Egyptian officials believe the flight crashed due to mechanical failure…the cause still remains a mystery…I personally believe the pilot was a narcissistic nut job and is probably roasting in hell.

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7. Cynthia Anderson
Cynthia Anderson was a legal secretary at a law firm in Toledo who vanished from her work place on august 4th 1981. Co -workers upon arriving to work found Cynthia missing along with her purse and car keys. On further perusal her car was found parked outside the building. Wait it gets weirder. The romance novel that she was reading was on her desk and it was open to a scene in the story where the heroine gets abducted at knife point. What ever happened to Cynthia, suffice it to say she was never heard from again.

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8. Jim Thompson
Jin Thompson was ex CIA who retired from his life of violence to Thailand after World War II where he singlehandedly revolutionized the silk industry earning the respect of locals. But his peace was short lived as on march 26th 1967 whilst vacationing in his highlands cottage with some friends he disappeared on his obligatory afternoon walk and was never heard from again… his status led to an extensive search which was found to be futile…okay so the guy was CIA they are not exactly known for their diplomatic attitude…and he wasn’t up for any Mr. popularity awards, so logic dictates that he probably was killed by his enemies…if that was the case eventually we would have heard something…he just seemed to have vanished into thin air

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9. Mv. Joyita
In 1955,Mv. Joyita a merchant ship carrying 25 people and cargo, bound towards Tokelau islands vanished in the pacific…nothing was heard from the ship for four days and no distress signal was sent out to suspect drowning… radio silence gave way to panic and rescue team was sent out to pursue the missing ship. After a month of elaborate search the ship was found and appeared to be slightly submerged by water tilting it sideways… upon discovery the people who ventured inside the ship found it deserted with all the supplies missing…the evidence points towards the crew abandoning a sinking ship with all the supplies, but if that was the case why weren’t they ever seen or heard from again…furthermore it was found that the ship wasn’t in a dire strait, survival while waiting for rescue onboard was a plausible theory…So these chain of odd events lead us to believe that the crew mysteriously vanished over the pacific

10. The Jamison family
On October 8th 2009 the entire Jamison clan vanished from a dirt road in rural area Oklahoma. They were last seen getting on their pick-up truck to look for some plot in the area…their locked truck was found abandoned with all their possessions accounted for, along with their dog who was near starvation… sources close to the family said that they had confided in them about being haunted by ghosts at their home. The police were unable to follow any leads…they found no sign of violence in the vicinity of their abduction. This is a gateway to a lot of theories about the mysterious fate of the Jamison family.

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