10 Reasons Why You Should Date An Engineer!


You might have craved to spend some time with that hot hunk who looks like a supermodel, but what about that engineer who wears those funny-nerdy glasses? Here are a few reasons why dating an engineer might turn out to be a good experience.

1. Engineers are smooth talkers. The credit goes to their beloved professors who forced them into flattering conversations to avoid failing.

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2. You don’t have to waste money on fixing your computer. Just ask him to come over and he will do it for free!!

3. …..Even cleaning clogged drains and sewage pipes…HAHAHAHA!

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4. Handling stress in relationships isn’t too hard for an engineer. Their course has trained them to handle pressure.

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5. They can keep you awake all night and engage in a romantic conversation under the moon. All thanks to burning the midnight oil just hours before their exams.

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6. Just like their project presentations, engineers believe in going well prepared for dates. They do a research on WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT

7. While they might seem boring and geeky at first look, try to know them better… you have no idea how many surprises are there in store for you.

8. Engineers will introduce you to some really interesting drinks, which also are quite cheap.

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9. They will reveal their eccentric side, which they couldn’t during their college days because of their freaking academic pressure.

10. They are really good at communicating. They will even convince their bosses to take a week off to spend time with you.

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So, if you are wondering where you will find such guys, try ‘Tinder’. You’ll find many trying their luck and who knows….you may end up being the lucky one!

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