10 Reasons To Have Sex With Your Spouse Every Night!


How many times a week is sex with your partner good or healthy? Apart from being the binding force between couples as a result of the affection shared during the moment, sex has plenty of other benefits that will convince you to get under the sheets with your partner seven times a week. What you share with a partner results in what you feel in bed, and that being one of the vital ingredients for a healthy relationship, we suggest you consider this life-style change(If not already) and spice things up for the utmost satisfaction mentally, emotionally and physically.

1. It’s Your Time Alone
Sex with your partner is your exclusive time alone, away from the kids, friends and the mundane trivialities of your everyday life. It’s your moment to express your affection for your partner and satisfy each other’s fantasies.

2. Swap The Treadmill For The Bed
Sex can be a good enough workout if done right. Studies reveal that a half an hour of sex burns up to 90 Calories which is equivalent to a two mile run. Longer the session, better the results.

3. It Gives You Clarity
Is your head clogged with responsibilities and worries? Then it’s time to hit the bed with your spouse. Sex has proven to be a get-away time mentally for couples. It’s basically their momentary break from the struggles outside the bedroom. Role playing can help isolate yourself from your crappy day-to-day routines.

4. Quit Arguing
It’s proven that couples who share a healthy sex life can easily express themselves to each other and avoid the frustration of keeping things bottled up. The love hormone oxytocin excreted during sex calms the body down making your partner a patient listener.

5. More The Better
Having more sex increases your libido, resulting in much more sex. Sex increases your blood flow, elasticity, and your general mood. The more you have it, the more you’ll want it.

6. Say No To Pills
The secretion of the hormone oxytocin increases during intimacy and in relation so does endorphins, which in turn reduces your pain and boosts your threshold of tolerance. The next time you think of popping an aspirin, think again, because sex will naturally heal you. Vaginal stimulation is known to reduce back and leg pain, headache and even joint pain caused by arthritis. The next time you’ll are in pain, you know your solution.

7. Mood Booster
Having sex in the morning can completely pan the mood for the day. Most couples who have sex before heading out for their daily duties are found to be more content physically with an enhanced mental clarity to tackle issues at office.

8. Actions Are Louder Than Words
Expressing your affections towards each other through sex is much more effective than words. Giving your partner a good passionate time in bed will do more good than telling him/her that you love them. Cuddling, snuggling post sex only increases that bond that you share with your loved one.

9. Improves Your Creativity
Bugged with having to do the same monotonous work every day? Well that doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to the conjugal act. Getting creative under the sheets only spices things up and one way to leave your partner puffing by the end is to try something new and creative every- time.

10. Increases Immunity And General Health
People who have sex as frequently as twice a week or more are known to have a better immune system. A common cold can be avoided just with the act. It is also known to decrease blood pressure and keep it under check. Sex also keeps estrogen and testosterone levels in balance, thus resulting in a lower risk of heart disease.