10 Things That You Can Do To Immortalize Yourself After You Die! #8 & #9 Are Almost Freaky!


People have found new ways to make good use of their mortal remains. While some are just freaking bizarre, actually to come think of it, most are bizarre, how people want to be remembered though this is quite unique. The question is, would you like to have yourself turned into any of these after you die?

1. Become A Glass Of Wine
A company called next nature will use your blood in a bottle of wine so that your loved ones can drink to you and with you technically when you’re gone. Now the thought is sickening but people are actually doing it. Hope no one spills.

2. Become A Diamond
Well if you had a dull life then at least after death you will be shining, literally. Companies like Life Gem will use your mortal remains and press you into one shining diamond for your loved ones to show off with for just $4000 bucks. Bling after death, at least then.

3. Become A Vinyl Record
Dedicated your life to music?? Well a company Vinyly will press your remains into a record. Now that is what you call a musical after life.

4. Become Glaze, Paint or Pencils
Fond of art? Well the carbon from you mortal remains can be used to make glaze, paint and pencils. Artist Nadine Jarvis makes about 240 pencils from the average person. Talk about having an illustrious after life.

5. Be A Part Of A Tree
Your remains will be used to grow a tree along with seeds and all that required. Bio Urn will help you with the proceedings. Now this is how you can be literally fruitful post death.

6. Become Fireworks
Be a splendid display in the sky. Angel flight will turn you into fireworks. Starting package at $4000.

7. One last screw
Now who wouldn’t mind one last screw before you are laid to rest and truly this will actually happen butttt it’s not the kind of screw you are thinking of 😛 . Don Scruggs has invented a coffin in which you will be screwed into the ground… literally.

8. Become An Hour glass
Your ashes will be put into an hour glass so after your time is up at least someone else will be on time. Hope they don’t use this on some sucky board game.

9. Or A Tattoo
Your ashes will be mixed with Tattoo ink so that your loved one can imprint a part of you on themselves forever.

10. Eternal Reef
A designed reef made of environmentally safe cast concrete from your ashes and remains. In the sea will your remains lie for the rest of time.