10 Thoughts That Will Make You Instantly Happier


Life would be so much easier if everyone was able to maintain their happiness throughout. However, things come up that knock us down, make us stressed or completely throw a wrench in the plans that we have. But what if you could just be able to flip a switch and find a way to make yourself happier in just an instant? After all, staying self-motivated and powering through tough situations can help you find that happiness that you desire. Here are some things that you can tell yourself to help you get through hard times and maintain your happiness.

I Am In Control
Far too often, people want to pass the buck and place blame on others for the situations that are occurring in their life. If you are someone that does this, then it can be easy to see that you may not be able to achieve the happiness that you want, especially if you are relying on others and what they do. Instead, find motivation by reminding yourself that you are in control of your choices in life. The more that you accept this, the better decisions you’ll make and the happier you will be with them.

Just Keep Being Me

If you aren’t being yourself and you aren’t happy, there may be a reason for it. However, have you ever considered how happy you would be if you just were being yourself? After all, some sense of being yourself is likely how you ended up wherever you currently are. Remind yourself to keep being who you truly are and who you want to be, and you’ll feel more comfortable with the skin you are in.

I’m Proud Of Myself

On top of being who you are, don’t forget to remind yourself that you are proud of who that person is. You are going to make decisions or choices that others may not understand or agree with. But if you make the circumstances and are pleased with the results, it doesn’t matter where admiration comes as long as you give it to yourself.

I’m Making The Most Of My Circumstances

Everyone is thrown curve balls in life, but it’s how people are willing to swing the bat to try and knock it out of the park that matters. There are countless stories out there of paraplegics or people who have life-altering problems, but they do the best with what they have in order to strive for their own personal greatness. Your circumstances should never be an excuse, but rather the motivation to achieve what you want in life.

I’m Not The Only One

No matter what you are going through, you are not alone. Sometimes it may feel like it, but you can rest assured that there are countless other people out there who struggle, have a hard time in life or are on their own personal path to find happiness. If you feel alone and that you are the only one experiencing a lack of motivation or unhappiness, then it can be a lonely place. But if you can recognize that you are not alone, you’ll be able to feel more comfortable with what’s happening in your life.

Could It Be Worse?
Whenever something bad happens, people have a tendency of blowing it out of proportion. Granted, some things that do come up can become large obstacles, but a bad test on a grade or being 10-minutes late to the gym shouldn’t be something that you allow to rile you up and throw you off your game. Instead, think about the countless people in this world that have it worse than you. And if you can’t comprehend who could ever have it worse than you, keep in mind that not everyone has the capability of accessing the internet and finding 10 motivating things to say to themselves to feel happier. Trust me, you are not at the bottom of the barrel.

I Accept The Past and Embrace The Future
Going through life changes can be difficult, especially when the future is uncertain. Whether it’s losing your job, breaking up with a significant other, moving to the other side of the world or anything else that may come your way, these changes throw you off your game. However, the longer that you dwell on those circumstances, the deeper you’ll get into sadness and confusion. Instead, accept the past, the choices you made and the circumstances you were dealt. Then, tell yourself that you are willing to embrace the future and are happy to take whatever comes your way next. Plus, if you think that what you’ve already gone through is as bad as it can get, it’s only going to go up from here.

I’m On The Right Path

Everyone has an opinion of what you should be doing with your life. But there is only one person that has to go to bed and wake up with the decisions you make; and that’s you. Therefore, keep telling yourself that you are on the right path. No matter how many people think you are crazy or who else thinks you should be doing something different, go with what you feel is right in your heart and achieve the things you are going for. As to whether or not you tell people, “I told you so,” after you achieve your goals, well, that’s up to you.

Am I Proud Of The Person I Was Today?

At the end of each night, head to the bathroom, look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Am I proud of the person I was today?” There is no one else around and you know that it doesn’t make any sense to lie to yourself. If you ask yourself this question and you respond with, “no,” consider the changes you can make tomorrow to ensure that it doesn’t become repetitive. Sure, you will have days that you aren’t completely proud of the things you did, but knowing that you have to account for your actions by looking in the mirror at the end of the day will start to help you ensure you are doing the right things.

Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

American writer, Elbert Hubbard, said, “Do not take life too seriously. It’s not like you’ll get out of it alive.” While some may see this as a bit frightening, think about the truth that is in it. No matter what happens to you or what things you come across in life, there will come a time that it doesn’t matter. Therefore, you should make the most of your time and avoid dwelling on things that upset you. Instead, find the motivation and happiness that you need to make the most of every precious second that you have.

We all get down and we all question our path in life. But if you tell yourself these 10 things, you’ll be able to motivate yourself and keep the wheels spinning, as you work towards the happiness you deserve.