10 Traits Attractive Women Find Sexy In Men!


Though there’s no such thing as the ideal man, and what women look for in a man differ drastically from individual to individual. However, there are certain traits which many women (if not all) would like to see in a man. So guys…….pull up your socks and learn the art of wooing the fairer sex by inculcating some of these traits (if you haven’t figured these out already)!

1. A man with a great sense of humor who will leave her in splits

2. A talented man is a big turn on. So if you have a special skill which you have kept under the rug for while…. ‘NOW’ is the time to brush it up and put it to good use if you wanna make her swoon!!!

3. An ambitious man who works his ass out to reach for the stars is a sexy attribute that may make women go weak in their knees

4. Many women find Intelligence in men seductive. And, oh ya…a word caution: Never ever dare tell her that you are smarter( even if you think you actually are)

5. A Man Who Understands Her Sexual Needs

6. A Man Who Parties Hard And Helps Her Unwind After A Hectic Week

7. A Man Who Is Honest And Loyal Gets A Thumbs Up…Any day

8. A man who comports himself with confidence and a bit of swagger is Hot!

9. A Man Who Dresses To Kill

10. Gifts are a way to a woman’s heart and…..at an unexpected moment ….Aah… carpe diem (seizes the day)!

11. Spontaneity: A man who keeps her on her toes… a little whim, a little unpredictability is the kind of spice most women find delectable!

12. A Good Listener