11 Reasons To Be In A Relationship With Your Best Friend!


Do you feel that the chemistry between you and your best buddy is much beyond friendship? Well, if you are thinking whether or not to go down on one knee and propose to your bestie, here are few reasons why you should do it.

1. You don’t have to try too hard to impress your bestie. You can even hang together without putting on your make-up while being dressed shabbily. Oh yes, you can easily do without cheesy lines.

2. You know the deepest, darkest secrets of each other, every little detail about your best friend’s previous relationships and flings. So, there’s no room for suspicion.

3. You can drink together or even go on a shopping spree. One partner doesn’t have to sacrifice his/her plans for the sake of the other.

4. You know what exactly irks your partner and seeing his/her evil side won’t be much of a shocker.

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5. You completely agree with each other’s career interest and support each other to pursue it.

6. Forgot an anniversary date? Not a big deal at all. Your partner is not gonna point a shotgun at you when you reach the door.

7. There is no awkwardness when it comes to sex and its really easy to get dirty

8. You know exactly what your partner expects out of a relationship

9. After that heated argument, it’s really easy to patch up. No awkward silences!

10. You’ll never run out of a topic for conversation

11. Ego is never going to creep into your relationship even after a million fights.