The 12 MYSTERIOUS Grave Have Left People Baffled! Everyone Is Clueless


Graves are supposed to be places where you bury your loved ones and go to mourn their loss, not things that leave you mystified by their very existence. These graves left everyone puzzled about their origins, their nature and what they signified.

1. A Viking grave that was found in Poland. The instruments that were found hinted at human sacrifice.

2. The “hooded graves” on Cemetery Road in Franklin Township, Columbia County, PA. The reason behind the hood over the graves is still a mystery.

3. While the Grey Friars church was been excavated, excavators were stopped in their tracks with this mysterious graves. Sources link these skeletal remains to King Henry III.

4. People claim that the Voodoo queen of New Orleans Marie Laveau lies here. What is mysterious are the inscriptions on the grave, some say they are spells that call upon her.

5. This the resting place of Kohn Renie who died in 1832. The detail of the Inscription is unknown, the middle row says ““o J s e i L e r e H e r e L i e s J o.” The reason behind this almost coded grave is still a mystery.

6. These are supposedly Royal graves at the ‘Princely Church’ in Curtea de Arge, Romania. The true identity of the person of the grave is unknown but people speculate it is the grave of their previous king. The government banned researchers from exhuming the grave to determine the origin of their past king.

7. In the fall of 2011, researchers were stunned to come across this grave in The Roman colony of Scupi in northern Macedonia. It was a mass grave in which most of the limbs of the deceased were amputated and their hands bound to their backs. Their bones also indicate marks of extreme violence. This grave and the people who lie in it still remain a mystery.

8. In St. Augustine, Florida, researchers exhumed a grave only to find the skeleton of a donkey. What is mysterious is how the animal was laid to rest, while the head showed a dent that suggested it was put out from a blow to its head, its limbs have been disarticulated, so much so that it looks like it had been disjointed carefully.  The animal was certainly wasn’t used for food and had a special significance that remains a mystery.

9. Two gravestones, one carved with mysterious markings, have been found at the former medieval stronghold of the Knights Templar in the village of Temple, Midlothian. Sources link this spot to the location of the Holy Grail, but nothing has been proven.

10. Archeologist stumbled up on a grave, In Kent, which looked like a couple laid to rest together. The bodies date more than 1000 years old and recent research revealed that both are male. Dating back to the Saxon period, these two could have been warriors.

11.  A 3000 year-old group of graves was recently discovered at Luohan Mountain in Fujian, who lies in it and why it was clustered together is still a question though.

12. Apparently Margorie Mccall died once and was buried only to be found alive when some grave robbers exhumed her to find her very much alive. Soon she returned to the same spot but I doubt the thieves tried their luck again.