These People Will Prove To You That The World Isn’t So Bad After All


1. An old man gives away his slippers to a homeless girl in Rio de Janeiro

2. These guys know what it means to be a real classmate!

3. The meter homie strikes again… and you know what… I don’t mind it at all!

4.  This is what brothers are for!

5.  A boy makes a wish and an exotic car website grants it?

6.  This unlikely couple, who complete each other, takes the cake!

7. After the elevator got stuck, this guy decided that one of the stranded people didn’t have to suffer standing up

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8. Who, in their right mind, would think this is not a nice thing to duplicate!

9. When was the last time you felt nice about parking officials?

10. This guy set up an impromptu concert just for one passenger on the subway!

11. No heavy handed words are needed to explain this one *wipes a tear from the eyes*

12. These everyday folk shared a bit of the Christmas spirit with a homeless guy in the best way possible.