15 Amazing Predictions That Actually Came True! Freaky Yet Amazing!


Our planet which has existed for millions of years has been a witness of both natural and man-made disasters. While many ill-fated humans didn’t anticipate the disaster coming their way, a handful blessed ones knew well in advance of the tragedies that would come. Here are few such predictions about some of the world’s most sensational events which actually turned out to be true.

1. Hitler’s Birth – Nostradamus
Nostradamus predicted the birth of one of the most sadistic leaders in world history. Yes, that’s right Nostradamus was aware of Hitler’s birth and his cruelty. According to many sources, Nostradamus had spoken about a ‘young child from West Europe, who shall be born to poor people, who with his tongue shall seduce many people’.  He also said that this person’s name would be ‘Hister’. That was pretty close, wasn’t it? He was off by only one letter!!

2. The Internet
Famous writer Mark Twain had predicted that a great technology called internet would be discovered almost a century before the rest of the world knew about it. This sensational prediction was made in 1898 through his science fiction story ‘From the ‘London Times’ of 1904’. Twain was also the inventor of an Electroscope which allowed live video streaming and enabled users to make telephonic calls to different parts of the globe.
Predictions 2: Image Source http://www.biography.com/people/mark-twain-9512564#later-work

3. Improved Technology
Film critic Roger Ebert had predicted in 1987 that films would soon become extinct and visual media would embrace digital technology soon. Ebert spoke about HD, widescreen televisions and storage formats such as DVD even at a time when people had no clue what those things were.

4. 21st Century Gadgets
John Elfreth Watkins, a civil engineer, penned his thoughts on how the world would evolve in an article titled ‘What May Happen In the Next 100 Years’. This article which was written in 1900, when technology of any form hardly existed, spoke about present day gadgets such as television, digital photography, mobile phones and even battle tanks.

5. The Cold War
Robert Heinlein had predicted in 1941 that two powerful nations of the world who possess weapons of mass destruction would be at loggerheads. The event came to be known as ‘Cold War’ later on. The man also spoke of ‘Water Beds’ way before they were discovered.

6. Landing On The Moon
In 1865 Jules Verne had predicted that America would be the first nation in the world to send a human being to the moon, the rest as they say was history. Verne had also predicted that space ships, rockets and telescopes are the gadgets which will help man to achieve this difficult mission.

7. The ‘Hiroshima-Nagasaki’ Bombings
H.G Wells had predicted one of the greatest catastrophes in the history of mankind through his article ‘The World Set Free’ in 1914. Wells talked about mass destruction through atomic bombs 30 years before the fateful bombings of ‘Hiroshima’ and ‘Nagasaki’. He also added that the places would not be suitable for human habitation for many years.

8. Google’s Inventions And Wireless Technologies
Ray Kurzwell had apparently written 146 predictions about how the world would be in 2009. Surprisingly 86% of his sayings were accurate. Some of his sayings which came true were that of automated cars, Wi-Fi, and Google Glass.

9. Assassination Of John F Kennedy
Here’s yet another famous Nostradamus prediction. The world famous astrologer had said that two ‘Thunderbolts’ from the sky, one in the day, and one in the night would kill two brothers. The ill-fated brothers who were thus assassinated were Ex-president John F Kennedy and his sibling Robert.

10. September 11th 2001 – Attacks On World Trade Center
The infamous attacks on the World Trade Center were predicted by Nostradamus centuries before it actually occurred.  To be precise Nostradamus apparently said that fire from the Center of the Earth would cause destruction in ‘new city’. This prediction was also met with worldwide criticism for being ‘too vague’ because many believe that his reference to the ‘new city’ doesn’t necessarily mean New York since he had used the term for numerous other cities who’s names, when translated, mean new city.

11. World War II
Writer H.G Wells had also predicted the world war. According to an article titled ‘The Shape of Things to Come’ written in 1933, H.G Wells had predicted that the world war II would start off as a quarrel between Germany and Poland. The rift would evolve into a major battle where most powerful nations of the country would get involved.

12. Hurricane Katrina and Tsunamis
Psychic Jeffrey Palmer from Australia predicted the devastating natural calamities Hurricane Katrina, and the Tsunami which struck Indonesia in 2004 killing over 2,30,000 people. He was not given much importance them but he became more popular after his prediction regarding the 2005 Hurricane Katrina came true.

13. Collapse Of The Soviet Union  
Famous Psychic Edgar Cayce had predicted that the great Soviet Union would collapse, and the nation would be rechristened. ‘The new nation thus formed would bring a ray of hope to the world’. The prediction came true in 1991 when the Societ Union got dissolved, the policies of communism ended and the citizen marched towards freedom.

14. Stock Market Crash And The Great Depression
Edgar Cayce also predicted that the stock markets would crash in 1924, five years before the event occurred. He also cautioned his clients about such a situation. He also predicted the start and end of ‘The Great Depression’, and the events occurred in the exact pattern of Edgar’s forecast.

15. Bimini Road And Atlantis  
Psychic Cayce had predicted in 1938 that a place called Bimini would be discovered. The place was indeed found in 1968. He also said that the ‘Lost City of Atlantis’, which is said to be buried deep under the Atlantic Ocean was a nation as vast as Europe and technologically, quite advanced.