15 Of The Biggest Internet Hoaxes Ever! #7 Is Just Infuriating Yet Sad


There are no words to describe the feeling of elation over having pulled off a major prank. Hoaxes have been part of our culture for generations. We humans possess an innate ability to find humor in the hilarious misfortunes of our fellow beings and we just love it more when we’re not alone in our jubilation. And thanks to the internet you get a widespread audience to witness the devious trickery played on unsuspecting victims. Anyone can pull off a mundane prank like killing off celebrities every other week…Boring… But pulling off a legendary hoax is truly a work of art. It takes careful planning and a lot of deviant genius to pull off an epic hoax, to keep people fooled for years on end. Here’s a list of 20 of the biggest hoaxes ever

1. Aliens in our midst…

A series of strange circles started manifesting in English wheat fields that led to a lot of UFO and ET theories. People believed this hoax for 20 years until two pranksters came forward and revealed their prank. So what people thought was a alien ship turned out to be nothing more than your average rope planks and wire.

2. The spaghetti garden… just the way god intended it to be

In 1950 BBC broadcast footage of family harvesting their food out of a spaghetti tree. The next day the network was plagued with thousands of letters inquiring about the said tree. Unfortunately for those people didn’t realize the show was up on April fool’s day and was in fact just a prank. Goes to show people take their food very seriously.

3. Bill Gates is giving away his money. .. Sure he is… and the queens adopting me

Image Source: news.softpedia.com

Bill gate is giving away money. This feed began circulating the net and had even managed to gather some witness for authenticity but as much as we want to place our faith in the benevolent nature of Mr. Gates we all know this isn’t happening ever.

4. Spotted… a gigantic camel spider in Iraq

Image Source: skunksoup.com

In 2004 an email started circulating claiming our troops not only have to brave the war against the people of Iraq but also stay wary of this prehistoric spider that can run 25 miles an hour and is also 1 foot in length. Turns out it was just the angle of the picture that made the spider look so prehistoric. Nice try though.

5. Free trip to Disney, courtesy of Walt Disney jr

Send this email to 13000 people and the lucky few will be awarded with a cash price and the rest will be given a free trip to Disney. So the Disney jr part was a dead giveaway that this was a hoax. This email basically claimed to possess magical powers and as a time honored tradition people bought it.

6. Microsoft takes the holy route and buys a catholic church!

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

It all began when a press release from the Vatican no less, started circulating the web. It said that Microsoft had announced that it was in the process of acquiring the Roman Catholic Church in exchange for an unspecified amount of shares. It was obviously a hoax but it sure did manage to freak out a lot of people.

7. Cancer story raises $150,000. You would never believe what the money was used for

People do horrific things to feed their addiction but this woman takes the cake. A 20 year old woman raised 150,000 dollars claiming she had cancer. The girl, Brittany Ozarowski, was later arrested and charged with grand larceny because not only was her story fake, the money she had raised was being used to support her addiction to heroin.

8. The autobiography of Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes was one of the richest men in the world in the 1920’s but mental illness led him to become a recluse retiring from public life. In 1970’s a writer named Clifford Irving hatched a plan with a friend claiming to have written the Howard Hughes biography. He made up interviews and stories and was soon in possession of a publishing deal. when the book was released Irving gained celebrity status and appeared on major talk shows. The elaborate ploy failed to work as Hughes soon called in a press conference and refuted Irving’s claims of ever knowing him. That put a dent on his writing career. This is one of the biggest literary hoaxes of all time.

9. Paul McCartney’s doppelganger

Image Source: thevinylfactory.com

His superstardom made in the 1960’s made this one of the biggest death hoax of all time. This started when Beatles fanatics thought that Paul was in fact dead and is been replaced by a look alike. The story was widespread and Paul had to address the issue and refute the claim dismissing it as ridiculous. And I concur. Man, there are some really crazy fans out there!

10. Hitler baby

In 1933 an alleged photograph of Hitler began making rounds in united states and England. The baby seemed to be scowling which made his whole countenance look ridiculous. German officials were furious and sent his real picture which looked like a normal baby or as normal a vain, narcissistic moron is capable of being. Mass genocide didn’t seem to bother him but a picture seems to do the trick.

11. Don’t mess with a man’s surfing rights

Image Source: eni.network24.co

In 1994 congress was allegedly considering a bill that would illegalize drunk surfing on the internet and discussing sexual matters over public network.. The story garnered immense attention and congress was strewn with angry phone calls so the senator had to issue a statement dispelling the rumors of the supposed bill.

12. Balloon boy. A hoax heard around the world

Image Source: today.com

On October 15th 2009 the heene’s of Colorado frantically alerted the authorities about a whether balloon accidentally released from their property with their six year old son inside.. Local authorities were dispatched National Guard was on the premises, air traffic controllers halted takeoffs and the media dropped everything to report this. Imagine their dismay when the boy was found not in the balloon but safe and sound in the attic.

13. A brothel for dogs. Because they too have needs

Image Source: mentalfloss.com

Joey Skaggs ran an ad in the village voice offering dog owners to buy a night in his infamous bordello with alluring companions.. To staggers immense surprise, actually started getting calls from people ready to drop 50$ for his service. It didn’t take much for the media to buy into this. When they showed up to question him, he staged the whole scene lending it an air of authenticity. The stunt worked. The media bit hard. Skaggar eventually admitted to the hoax but the media still a believer. They argue that the admission of hoax was just a transparent ploy to cover his tracks. You know you’ve pulled a good one when reality coincides with fiction.

14. All you need is an onion and you’re IPod is good to go

Image Source: realitypod.com

This video went viral when it demonstrated how to charge an iPod using nothing but an onion and Gatorade and the best part people found it plausible and were frustrated when their attempts to connect their iPod into veggies turned futile.

15. Dolphin on a mission. Ridding the world of vices one man at a time

Image Source: dailydot.com

Michael Moore is known to have directed some provocative movies in his time. So when rumors started circulating about fappy an anti-masturbation dolphin whose on a mission to eradicate self-love by preaching about the ill effects of the act people found it plausible enough to await its release.