These 15 Funny Birthday Cake Ideas Are In A Class Of Their Own!


Cakes are easily one of the most popular desserts of all time. They are also considered the epitome of joy and celebrations. Here are a few cakes to celebrate such occasions. A bit of humor was also added along with the other ingredients during the making of these desserts. On a lighter note, it’s not clear as to whether these were also prepared with an intention to embarrass the concerned people. Nevertheless, few of these pictures are sure to gift you some amusing moments. Take a look at these 15 funny birthday cakes.

1. You can flush this one only down your throat

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2. A reason to smile or cry?

3. Which part would you taste first? LOL!

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4. A ‘health conscious’ cake for 40 year olds

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5. Don’t worry, it’s definitely not gonna fit you

6. Exactly! You’ve won a battle involving millions

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7. Really? Would you eat this cute toddler?

8. Can’t stop laughing at this one

9. Seen a cake that teaches you grammar?

10. Dedicated to the musical ‘legend’

11. Unfortunately cakes don’t come with an automatic ‘spell check’

12. Gifted by colleagues to a co-worker who had quit her job

13. A divorce cake to show that the marriage has been officially ‘killed’

14. Sweet delicacy with a sour fact about marriage

15. Celebrating the increase in hair growth every year