15 Celebrities You May Want To Punch In The Face


Well as much as we love and try to emulate most celebrities, there are some that we would just feel like punching in the face. The ones on this list are those who just do what they do and naturally spark irritation within most people. These elites have done the right things, have said the right things and have that picture perfect face you wouldn’t mind having a go at, these are celebrity faces that you wouldn’t mind punching!!

1. Kim Kardardashain- who jumped to fame with her sex tape in 2007 has been around for her knack of being as smart as a door knob. From her show keeping up with the kardarshain ( yuk), to her 10 million wedding to  Kris  Humphreis which was a 72 day publicity stunt, to naming her daughter North west, eh? Seriously? North West? Well anyway, this lady carrying around probably the most expensive assets in the world falls in our list as one of the most punchable celebrities.

2. Miley Cyrus-Well who would have guessed that children’s favorite Hanna Montana would turn into such an attention seeking nut shell, Her onstage antics from stripping, to twerking, to that tongue, to her off stage tantrums and scandals  puts herself right on top our list!!

3. Paris Hilton-Do you wanna be my BFF?? F*ck no!! Heir to the Hilton fortune, paris defines what it means to be a dumb blonde, no surprises, she was meant and born to be on this list!!

4. Kanye west-This guy has always been a douche, from interrupting Taylor swifts grammy winning moment, to glorifying himself, to his kindergarten lyrics, this man deserves to be here.

5. Chris brown- Well anyone who beats up his girlfriend needs to be put on this list and this man’s rage gets him on this list quite comfortably!!

6. Donald trump- Clearly besides his behemoth ego, this man’s face is worth throwing a punch. Mr. Donald trump, you are fired!!

7. George Bush- Probably one of the most controversial presidents in US History, his military and administrative decisions hurt millions of lives. Who wouldn’t wanna have a go at him during one of his speeches.

8. Steve Harvey- This self-proclaimed “ King of Comedy” is not really funny, his offensive jokes and yes that face again puts him on this list.

9. Russel brand- From his Nazi comments about Hugo Boss, to his womanizing ways, to his may day strip on mtv, this guy deserves a punch for his crude humor and, sometimes, distasteful remarks about people.

10. Kris jenner- Well if you watch Keeping up with the kardarshians then you wont be too surprised to see her face on this list. Her IQ and ridiculous accent adds to this punchable factor.

11. Entire cast of jersey show-not only the girls, the guys too are dumb blondes. Who the hell wants to watch these dumb f*cks party and crib about stuff that is not even a reality, well lets put this whole bunch on this list, we would feel bad to leave any of them out!!

12. Snoop Dog-This new age Rastafarian has been in the lime light for not always the right reasons. From his controversial lyrics to smoking pot where ever the Fuck he wants, from the airport to the white house to smoking a bong with his son and encouraging him to do so. Well, he’s definitely not the most hated but for his bad parenting and that I don’t give a shit about, he’s yet another candidate you wouldn’t mind taking a swing at.

13. Wayne Rooney- Probably one of the best English footballers ever but man that face, who wouldn’t wanna take a fling at that!

14. Jay z-well some stride around feeling that the world is a better place with their existence, not so jay z, not so, his gold chains, those brainless lyrics and his confident attitude puts this singer songwriter and producer on the list!!

15. Justin Bieber- This “baby” Hitmaker has a million fans and certainly has haters ten times the amount, from being known as a brat for wrecking hotels on tours to his natural ability to annoy and pick fights to his approach to women, make him the most hated celebrity in this current generation. Man wouldn’t you wanna take a swing at this guy who looks and sounds like a girl?? Well Orlando bloom didn’t mind giving it a shot!!