15 Celebrities Who Might Be Time Travelers


1. Nicolas Cage and his original self from 1870?

Image Source: newageman.co.uk

2. Looks like one of the Lannister clan, Peter Dinklage, is also a time traveller!

Image Source: news.distractify.com

3. John Travolta and his 1800’s counterpart!

Image Source: newageman.co.uk

4. Jennifier Lawerence could very well be Zubaida Tharwat, the Egyptian actress

Image Source: news.distractify.com

5. Slap on a beard and Ellen DeGeneres is really Henry David Thoreau!

Image Source: chacha.com

6. Keanu Reeves and his old self Paul Mournet who was born in 1847

Image Source: newageman.co.uk

7. Leonardo DiCaprio is actually Judy Zipper??

Image Source: crushable.com

8. Everyone’s favorite Brad Pitt gets a double feature because before he was Brad Pitt he was Union General Isaac Stevens AND Hermann Rorschach

Image Source: newageman.co.uk

Image Source: newageman.co.uk

9. Is Sylvester Stallone Rocky the boxer or Rambo the fighter ORR a POPE!!

10. Maggie Gyllenhaal is actually Rose Wilder Lane

Image Source: artisanlane.com

11. Is Charlie Sheen really abolitionist John Brown

Image Source: businessinsider.com

12. Justin Timberlake Is really this un-named criminal?

Image Source: news.distractify.com

13. Chuck Noris is really Van Gogh?? See he kicked ass even then!

Image Source: acidcow.com

14. Looks like Batman (Christian Bale) fought in the Civil War too!

Image Source: xfinity.comcast.net

15. Michael Douglas was the first president of America and when his term got over he became an actor

Image Source: rollingout.com