15 Of The Creepiest Photos Of All Time, With BONE-CHILLING Back-Stories


These photos may look normal and ordinary but only until you hear the creepiest and shocking stories behind them. While some serve as a proof and validate the existence of ghosts, others are photos that were co incidentally shot at the most dramatic time making that photo the only evidence of that occurrence.

1. This is a photo of Mademoiselle Blanche Monnier held captive for 25 years in a rat infested room by her mother and brother.  Her only crime was that she fell in love with a lawyer her mother did not approve of. She was rescued at the age of 49 when someone submitted an anonymous letter to the authorities.

2. This is a Polaroid picture is of Tara Calico who was kidnapped. There is no news about this girl till date. The only evidence is this photo depicting Tara Calico and another missing local boy found by a lady in a parking lot within a year of Tara Calico being kidnapped.

3. This is a photo of Omayra Sánchez Garzón, a Columbian girl taken just moments before she succumbed to gangrene and hypothermia. She was trapped when Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted.

4. This is a heart-wrenching photo of a starving malnourished child next to a vulture waiting to devour him. This was taken by photojournalist Kevin Carter in Sudan which earned him the Pulitzer Prize. What is creepy is that the photographer took his own life 3 months after taking this picture.

5. A photographer accidently captures a suicide by a couple when they jumped off a bridge. He originally intended to take a picture of the heavy fog that had blanketed the bridge across the Wuhan Yangtze River in Wuhan but ended up capturing this mishap.

6. A couple was on their honeymoon in Australia while this rare photo was taken. It was believed that the couple entered the ocean together and the husband left his wife at the bottom of the ocean. It is also believed that he must have turned off her air regulator too.

7. This photo may look all cool and nice. But the story behind this photo will throw you into shock. The man on the right murdered his parents and threw a party by drawing money from their bank account.

8. Philippine politician captures his assassin on camera moments before he was shot. This is probably the first time in history that a victim manages to capture his assassin just before his death.

9. This is a photograph of a young girl who had grown up in a concentration camp which was taken in 1948. She was drawing a picture of what she thinks was home!

10. This is a photo of Tod Stoops who was tortured by a serial killer, Bob Berdella, who preferred male victims. He tortured him with electric shocks, penetration and repeated rape. Stoops eventually developed a rectal rupture, bled profusely and finally died. It is also believed he was treated with animal antibiotics and his eyes were injected with Drano.

11. This is a shocking photo of a toddler led away by his abductor in a shopping arcade. The abductors Jon Venables and Robert Thompson served a sentence for only 8 years and are now free. What is more shocking is that they are now given new identities which still remain a secret.

12. A crew of 4 was conducting a routine maintenance at a wind farm in Holland when a fire broke out. The fire quickly engulfed the only escape route. Two of them managed to escape while the other two got trapped and embraced each other while they breathed their last.

13. This is a picture of 14 year old Regina Kay Walters taken moments before her serial killer put her in a torture chamber and killed her. Her killer would pick up people by his charm, drive them around in his 18 wheeler and kill them in a torture chamber set up in the back of his car.

14. This is a photo taken moments before the car bombed and exploded in Omagh, North Ireland. Warnings were sent 40 minutes before the bomb went off but they were inaccurate and actually directed people towards the bomb. The man and child survived but the photographer along with 28 other people died.

15. This picture of a boy peeking from the doorway was captured during the investigation of Amityville house in 1976. It is mysterious because the investigators were sure that there were no children around during the time of investigation. The photo has been claimed as one of the most accurate evidence of ghost to date.