These 15 Facts About McDonald’s Will Leave You Stunned! #14 Is Unbelievable


Started as barbeque shop in 1940, McDonald’s has grown to be the largest burger fast food chain in the world. It serves up to 68 million customers daily in 119 countries across 35,000 outlets, but how much do you know of this mega brand that everyone in an urban setting recognizes at first look? These are detailed facts about McDonald’s, their numbers will alarm you and marketing strategies stun you.

1. They use toys to sell their food, thus engaging with children who become lifelong customers. About 20% of the toys sold across the globe are by McDonald’s.

2. One in eight people in America is employed by McDonald’s, with a total of over a million people working for them.

3. They serve one percent of the world’s total population at a rate of 75 burgers per second.

4. More people recognize the McDonald’s sign, the iconic golden arches than the Christian cross.

5. Americans alone consume one billion pounds of beef annually, that means five and a half million cattle are slaughtered every year to satisfy the McDonald burger crave people have.

6. McDonald’s opens a restaurant every fourteen and a half hours; and one in China every day for the next three years.

7. They earn a staggering $75 million everyday around the globe.

8. What a normal employee earns over seven months is earned by a CEO in an hour. This wage difference has caused a huge uproar among the common man.

9. McDonald’s used to first sell hotdogs instead of burgers. In the 70’s they even sold pizzas.

10. They have a hamburger university in which over 80,000 people have graduated from, they specialize in hamburgerology. The course involves making hamburgers and ways to address customers in different languages and so on.

11. If in America, you are never further than 185 km from a McDonald’s. This is the farthest distance by the way.

12. It will take you seven hours of walking continuously if you want to burn off the calories you gain after eating a Mac burger, fries and coke.

13. McDonald’s customizes their meals according to the tastes of the region, for example in Germany they put beer in their burgers and in India they serve spicy chicken burgers.

14. McDonald’s is not the largest food chain in the world, Subway is.

15.  If there is an entertainment company that kids are fascinated about, then you can be sure that McDonald’s has partnered with them.  From Disney, to Barbie, to Teletubbies, to Transformers, to the NBA and so on.

Did you know that McDonald’s prime focus was not the food but real estate because the founder of the chain believed that if your grab the right place for your restaurant, it will work otherwise the chain will fail.