15 Mysterious Photos Which Could NEVER Be Explained! #5 Will Blow Your Mind!


We all love to take photo to create memories. Sometimes the photos we take leave us baffled. Here are the 15 most mysterious photos which as no explanation whatsoever. These are rare unusual sightings, eerie appearances and ridiculous looking creatures!

1. Hook Island Sea Monster
This intriguing creature was spotted by Robert Le Serrec and his wife on 12th December 1924 at the coast of Stonehaven Bay in Hook Island, Queensland. When the couple approached the weird looking creature to take pictures, it came charging towards them with its mouth wide open. The creature is still unidentified.

2. UFO?
This picture was taken by Jim Templeton on a sunny day in Cumbria, England. According to him, there were no such unusual sightings when he clicked the picture however, it reflected in the photo.

3. Watertown Ghosts
The story goes that James Courtney and Michael Meehan were returning back after cleaning a cargo on the S.S. Watertown when they were consumed by gas fumes and they succumbed to death. They were buried at the sea. What is interesting is what followed after this. The reflections of these two men’s faces were seen here for a very long time.

Image Source: forteantimes.com

4. Alien Satellite revolving the Earth?
A radio signal picked up in 1899 by Nikola Tesla from outer space will want us to believe that someone has put up a satellite up there. This is further validated by the fact that no one had launched a satellite at that point from the earth. In fact the first satellite to be launched was Sputnik 1 which was sent up in 1957, 58 years after the discovery of this object.

5. An uninvited guest
While the Copper’s were dining in their new house, they took a picture which will give you the creeps. This picture of a person hanging upside down was seen when the photo was developed. There is no more information about this mystery despite rigorous investigation.

6. Is NASA hiding something from the world?
This rare picture was taken by Apollo 17 during the last flight to the moon which indicates a pyramid like structure on the moon. This apart, some believe there are also castles on the moon which NASA is covering up. Mysteriously, this photo slipped from NASA and came into public domain.

7. Group Picture
This was a group picture taken after Freddy Jackson was ‘accidently’ killed by an airplane propeller. To the crew’s shock, Jackson appeared in the picture although it was taken after he died. It could be possible since his death was an accident, the spirit wanted to be in the group picture.

8. Hessdalen Lights
On rare occasions, an unexamined light is seen in the Hessdalen valley in Norway. In 2007, a bunch of teachers and students managed to capture this on a photo. It is unclear as to what exactly this is.

9. This picture photographed in 1941 at the South Forks Bridge in Canada is depicting a man with a camera that is way advanced which could not have existed in that period.

Image Source: memolition.com

10. Mysterious Thumb
A bunch of kids got together to take a photo but what they saw in the finished product was amazing! There was a mysterious thumb next to the kid standing behind the others that does not seem to belong to anyone. The person who took this picture claims that there is no explanation as to the presence of the mystery thumb.

11. More extra –terrestrial sightings
This picture was taken on the 25th of February, 1942 when the costal batteries at Los Angeles, California suddenly opened up at ‘something’ in the sky. Many people reported seeing US planes in the air but the officials claimed that the planes never took off. Some thought it was a Japanese raid but no aircrafts were shot down. Officials claimed that it was just a case of war nerves but most didn’t buy the story.

12. Mysterious 9/11 attack survivor
This is the picture of a woman standing on the edge and waving, probably calling for help. This picture was taken during the 9/11 attack. It is interesting to note that she survived the initial attack; however, it is unclear how she made it or what happened to her after.

13. Babushka Lady
This mysterious woman was present during the assassination of John .F. Kennedy.  She was found holding a camera all the while. She didn’t even come forward and give the film shot by her.

14. Blueberry shaped microscopic formations
Mars Exploration Rover in 2004 detected weird blueberry shaped microscopic formations in the Martian soil. Who knows what this is? Could it be a sign of presence of water?

15. In the DVD extras of Chaplin’s ‘The Circus’ the photos of the movie’s premiere shows a mysterious person talking on a cell phone but that can’t be right can it? There were no cell phones in 1928!