15 Revolting & Nasty Facts About Life In The 18th Century The Will Completely Gross You Out!


Ever thought of how life was in the 18th century? Here is all that you need to know, at least with regard to the living conditions. You’re going to love this if you are a cleanliness freak.

1. Toilets
Homes in the 18th century did not have drainage; they did their business in chamber pots and the excrement collected for days without being cleaned till someone had the nerve to throw it out of the window. Basically every house smelt of crap.

2. Bed Bugs
Bed bugs would have us jumping out of our beds today but back in the 18th century, it was a very common thing. This resulted in the spread of many illnesses and in order to curb it women would wipe the sheets with kerosene to kill the bed bugs.

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3. Toilet Paper
This wasn’t available till the later part of the century and till then the rich used linen while the poor used rags, leaves and even their bare hands. The Romans used a cloth on a stick which they used to dip in water after defecating.

4. Menstrual Habits
Now women have the comfort of various sanitary products but back then women used a normal cloth that they would keep reusing and then wash and hang out to dry with the other clothes. Some just left it to gravity.

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5. Bath
Shockingly taking a bath those days wasn’t even a habit. People believed that soaking your body in water is unhealthy and that bringing your bare skin in contact with hot water will let diseases spread on the body. They took baths with their clothes on.

6. Deodorant
This too didn’t come about until the end of the century, so a person smelling like a skunk was very normal. It wasn’t until 1888, that the first commercial deodorant came to the market. It was called “Mum”.

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7. Grooming
Women did not groom themselves during this century and in fact these trends came in only after the 1920’s. A hairy woman wasn’t an unusual site during this age.

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8. Dung Streets
With no drainage in most cities, most were covered with animal and human feces and rotting plant matter. Men would shield women from the splashes caused by passing carriages.

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9. Mercury
Not surprising, after all that we have read so far, but everyone, or most people, suffered from lice infestation. Someone suggested that mercury was the solution. The only problem was that since some people would ingest the mercury which meant that not only did it kill the lice, it killed the person too in the process.

10. Dental Hygiene
Although the Italians came out with toothpaste during the 1700’s, it wasn’t an essential. The rich used it while the poor just used a toothpick or at the most wiped their teeth and gums with a cloth. Women were worse off in dental hygiene due to vitamin loss from pregnancy.

11. Underwear
Underwear for men and women only originated during the 1920’s, so going commando was the ordinary in this century.

12. Menstrual Blood
People in this century considered the smell of menstrual blood the smell of maturity and also considered it erotic.

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13. Scandalous Acts
In this century it was more scandalous for a woman to expose her ankles than her breasts.

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14. Mortality Rate
The death rate for infants was super high in these ages because of their unhygienic practices. The average age was thirty five while fifty was considered a ripe old age.

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15. Pirates And Privateers
There was no difference between the two with regard to their Job description, they both killed the innocent and pillaged ships, the only difference was that ‘Privateering’ were legal and had the states authority to do it.

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