15 Sports Personalities That Will Make You Wish You Too Were A Sports Star


While most only earn a few pennies a year there others that rake in millions, No complaints about this list as these elite gentlemen have worked their ass off to be where they are. Today we take a look at your idols, your stars, who are the top earning sportspersons in the year. From boxing to football to the NFL to Basketball, these gentlemen have been born with raw talents enabling them to pull in the big bucks at ease, now at least. Take a look at the top 15 Highest Earning Sportspersons around the world.

1. Floyd Mayweather – With 105 million dollars in his pocket, Mayweather tops our list of highest earning sportspersons annually. This doesn’t include his endorsements and is the result of only two bouts. Talk about a 100 million dollars punch!!

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – With 80 million dollars in his kitty, the Portuguese star who won best player of the year and stars for the Spanish giants Real Madrid is the next on our list for top earners in sports. The star gets another 25 million dollars in endorsements and 52 million dollars in winnings. Now who wouldn’t want to be Cristiano Ronaldo??

Image Source: bleacherreport.com

3. Lebron James – The current king of basketball who currently plays for Cleveland cavaliers rakes in 72 million dollars a year with an additional 53 million dollars as endorsements and almost 20 million dollars in winnings. His stardom has made him the face of basketball when it comes to endorsements. Keep the money flowing in James!!

Image Source: theshortsshow.com

4. Lionel Messi – The four time Ballon d’ Argentinian winner gets 64 million dollars a year apart from his 41 million dollars in winnings and 23 million dollars in endorsements. When it comes to Lionel the Barcelona forward, who is easily one of the very best to have played the game there is no surprise that the Maradona successor earns this much.

5. Kobe Bryant – The LA Lakers superstar pockets 30 million dollars in earnings apart from his 31 million dollars endorsement. Bryant ranks in at number four in NBA’s all -time scorers; one would say it’s a well -deserved 30 million dollars eh?

6. Tiger woods – The tiger earns about 61 million dollars along with 55 million dollars in endorsements. Woods who has earned his spot as one of the greatest golfers of all time would have been the first sportsperson to surpass the 1 billion mark in earnings if not for his infamous extra marital affairs which cost him his marriage and fame and to his prolonged injuries keeping him away from the game.

Image Source: sportskeeda.com

7. Roger Federer -The 17 time grand slam champ who is rated as the best tennis player ever rakes in 56 million dollars a year, his sublime quality ensures he is on this list, pretty sure he will not be off it any time soon as well.

8. Phil Mickelson – Post his First British open slam, Golfer Mickelson has slowly climbed the ladder as one of the top earning sportspersons.

9. Rafael Nadal – This Spanish tennis bull who decimated opponents in his way earns upto 44 million dollars a year. The undisputed King of French open is definitely one of the best athletes on the globe putting him comfortably in this position.

10. Matt Ryan – He has become the top NFL earner in the last 12 months with an annual 43 million dollars earning. Way to go Matt!!

11. Manny Pacquiao – The undisputed Pilipino King of boxing raked in 43 million dollars with 2 bouts. The man they call iron fist is definitely one of the best boxers to have been in the ring!!

Image Source: hbo.com

12. Zlatan Ibrahimovich – The Swedish ‘rock star attitude’ striker rakes in 43 million dollars a year after his transfer to French giants Paris Saint Germain. Being one of the best in the world and having probably the best attitude, there is surely place for Zlatan on this list for years to come.

13. Derrick Rose – The Chicago bulls star although been plagued with injuries for the past three seasons comes on our list as top earners with an annual income of 36 million.

14. Gareth Bale – The Welshman who made headlines for being involved in the highest transfer ever from Tottenham to Spanish Giants Real Madrid is on the list with annual earnings of 36 million.

15. Radamel Falcao – The Columbian striker who’s move from Athletico Madrid to As Monaco has put him on this list with an annual earnings of 35 million.