15 Things Found In Space That Are Both Awesome & Bizarre! Especially 3!


Space is filled with crazy stuff. Is it really? Or does even a regular and earthy rock like structure seem intriguing to us, only because it is found in space. From boring stone and rock like structure to stars that move in a zipping speed that you cannot fathom to weird formations wanting us to believe that Hitler resides on the moon. Believe us, it gets crazy up there!

1. Sagittarius B2
Ever wondered what the center of the Universe is? It was recently discovered that it could be Sagittarius B2. What is that? It’s a huge swirl of cloud, million times the mass of sun. What is it made of? We would not be wrong in saying it is made of alcohol (basically, ethyl formate). This chemical is said to smell of rum, is the same chemical that gives raspberries their flavor.

Image Source: smrtenglish.com

2. Gliese 581 c
This is a planet which is a part of another solar system. What makes this planet unique and almost inhabitable is its temperature. While one side of the planet facing a star has extremely high temperatures, the opposite side of the planet has freezing temperatures. There is a slight possibility that life could exist in the belt between these two extreme sides of the planet.

3. 55 Cancri e
Want to get rich? Head to this planet made of diamond. The total worth could sum up to about a whopping 26.9 nonillion (1 nonillion has 10 to power 30 zeroes) dollars.

Image Source: grist.org

4. Mickey Mouse On Mercury
A NASA spacecraft has captured a giant crater on Mars that bears striking resemblance to the logo of Disney’s Mickey Mouse. This find on Mars is a fine example of pareidolia, a phenomenon in which the human brain recognizes shapes, such as people or animals, in random images.

Image Source: space.com

5. Hypervelocity Stars
Hypervelocity stars are different from the other stars in the galaxy in the sense that they have velocities so great that exceed the escape velocity of the galaxy. While ordinary stars have velocities in the order of 100km/s; hypervelocity stars have velocities in the order of 1000km/s.

6. Antimatter
Antimatter has same mass as particles of ordinary matter but have opposite charge. According to Einstein’s equation when matter and antimatter collide, it is converted into energy. It is believed this may fuel futuristic space-crafts.

7. Quasars
While there are lots of conflicting opinions about what this could be, in 1980s there was a scientific consensus that quasar could be a compact region in the center of a massive galaxy, that surrounds its central supermassive black hole.

Image Source: startswithabang.com

8. Cosmic Microwave Background
One of the biggest and conclusive evidence for the Big Bang is the existence of isotropic radiation bath called the Cosmic Microwave that exists everywhere in the Universe. These are bands of radiation that spread out equally in all direction, a phenomenon that would not be possible without an expanding universe.

Image Source: physicsworld.com

9. Mars Rock
A mysterious rock suddenly appeared on the surface of Mars in front of Opportunity Rover. Twelve days before Opportunity had been to the exact spot and had not found any rock.

Image Source: ibtimes.com

10. Nazi Space Station on Moon
For all the World War fans, you will find this very interesting. Google map of the moon revealed a very strange V-shape formation. Rumor has it that, after the World War II, Germans astronauts planed an escape to the moon and established a facility there. This rumor is stretched so much that they speculate that Hitler faked his death and went to a lunar hideout.

11. X-shaped intruder
A strange X-shaped structure was spotted by Hubble telescope. Scientists believe it could be a debris trail left behind after a collision of asteroids.

Image Source: disinfo.com

12. Himiko Cloud
This is a giant blob that represents the most massive object ever discovered in the early Universe. This gas cloud spotted from 12.9 billion light-years away could signal the earliest stages of galaxy formation back when the universe was just 800 million years old.

Image Source: dailygalaxy.com

13. Large Quasar Group
This is a collection of supermassive black hole active galactic nuclei which are thought to be precursors to the sheets, walls and filaments of galaxies found in the relatively nearby universe.

Image Source: globalpost.com

14. Gliese 436b
Giese 436b is the only planet fully covered in ice at 439 degree Celsius. The water molecules are kept in solid state as it pulls the water molecules towards the planet’s core.

15. Dark Matter
Dark matter cannot be detected from the current technology and hence this is just a theory. Its presence is inferred from the gravitational effect on visible matter. It constitutes 84.5% of the total matter in the Universe.

Image Source: universetoday.com