15 Types Of Friends You Need To Reject From Your Life


There are good friends, and then there are bad friends. Certain people, in spite of how much we like them as people, just aren’t good for us. There are some friends that are better off just being people we knew. Certain personalities, certain lifestyles just don’t mesh. The following fifteen are types of friends you should reject from your life or be on the lookout for to avoid. They cause nothing but pain and are, at best, a headache in the end.

The friend who is a pessimist

We all know that person: the one who never has a positive thing to say. For example, let’s say you heard about a new job promotion at work that’s up for grabs or you met someone you are really attracted to at a party. This is the “friend” who will assure you it’s not going to work out. Regardless of how diligently you work or how excited you might be about this new prospect in your life, this person is going to rain all over your parade. Therefore, this person is not your friend. No matter how great this person might be…on occasion…you don’t need any more Negative Nancys in your life.

The friend who takes but never gives

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If you get a phone call from this person at three in the morning and he/she needs a ride? You’ll be there – no matter what. But if you call this so-called friend for so much as a five-minute conversation, you’re a burden. That’s not what a real friendship should look like. Friends take, sure, but friends also give. Make sure your relationship with your friend isn’t one-sided, and if it is, it may be time for a reevaluation.

The friend who refuses to grow up

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Doing illicit drugs might be commonplace in college. Drinking copious amounts during the week is normal when you’re in your early, early twenties. But going out clubbing constantly and partaking in things that make you feel out of place and frankly too mature doesn’t constitute healthy friend behavior. It’s fine to have friends who are a little less mature than you are, but when it becomes a problem, it also becomes time to walk away.

The friend who gives you constant, crass, unsolicited advice

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Thanks, but no thanks. You don’t need anyone trying to run your life for you. Words of encouragement and consideration, when asked for, are one thing, but unrelenting “What I would do if I were you” advice isn’t. That friend isn’t you, and maybe you should consider not being friends anyway.

The “social media” friend

You know the one. She posts every second of every minute of every hour of every day ON THE INTERNET. She’s on Facebook, she’s tweeting, she’s instagramming her sandwich. You know what’s going on in this person’s life even if you don’t want to, and if you hang out in person with this person, you’ll end up all over her Facebook as well. Walk away.

The “only via social media” friend

Haven’t spoken face-to-face or over the telephone in years but know every detail of his or her life because… Facebook wall! That’s not exactly a healthy friendship. Here’s the rule: if you haven’t seen this person in years, have no intentions of seeing this person any time soon, and his or her statuses make you want to seal your eyes shut permanently, it’s probably time to remove them from the friend list and avoid future contact.

The Friend Who Uses You

The only time they call is when they need something. You only hang out if they need something. The only interactions you have with these \friends are when they can benefit from seeing you. This person is not someone you want to have in your life. It’s not fair to you.

The broke friend

Speaking of the friend who uses you, another type of friend to avoid is the one who mooches off of you constantly. You shouldn’t be paying for his coffee every time. You shouldn’t buy every drink she has. If you buy, they buy next time. Otherwise, again, walk away. A friend should be a person, not a money pit.

The friend who always cancels

If you can’t rely on your friend, how good of friend do you really have? If this person is constantly making plans only to drop out at the last minute, you can never count on having a good time with them. No one likes waiting alone at a bar or restaurant. The next time you get stood up by the friend that always cancels, consider canceling the friendship.

The Self-absorbed Friend

You know how his day was. You asked. You know what he did this week. You asked. You know about his significant other’s dentist appointment. You show an interest. Self-absorbed friends don’t know about your life because they don’t care about anything except for themselves and their own life. If your friend is self-absorbed and doesn’t show an interest, walk away.

The friend who is constantly in a new relationship

It’s hard enough keeping up with your own life. The friend who is always in a new relationship, week after week, is inconsistent. His or her life is consumed with drama. You don’t need that in your life.

The friend who refuses to commit (and is thereby hurting your relationship)

If you are in a healthy relationship and your friend isn’t, odds are, your friend is going to cause more damage than good. It’s tough keeping friends around who hate or object commitment when you don’t. If this friend starts making your relationship with your significant other difficult, it’s time to find a new friend.

The friend who only hangs out when their Significant Other is busy

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Oh, her boyfriend is out of town? How convenient. Funny how this person is never available to do anything or even talk on the phone for that matter, when her boyfriend is around. If this person can’t make time for you, why should you make time for her?

The friend who never wants to do anything

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Friends who don’t want to do anything – ever – are not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. You need friends who have a good balance of social interactions and downtime at home. Friends who never do anything or go anywhere can bring you down very quickly.

The friend who is a compulsive buyer

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These friends are infectious. Before you know it, your wallet will be just as empty as theirs. Beware.