16 Amazing Tricks Google Can Do, Which You Have No Idea About!


Instead of using Google search to just look for information, you can while away your time with these interesting Google tricks. If you had no clue of these cool features Google provides, now is the time to make browsing a little more captivating. Try these.

1. Use It As A Timer

2. Compare Nutritional Facts Of Different Dishes

3. Use It As A Calculator

4. Stay Updated With Your Favorite Series

5. Calculate The Tip You Have To Give

6. Using Minus Before The Search Word Will Exclude It From The Search Results

7. Need A Precise Measurement? Google Will Convert Pretty Much Everything!!

8. Type The Word “Gravity” And Watch Everything Fall Flat

9. Turn Your Search Screen Into An Arcade Game By Just Typing “Zerg Rush”

10. Keep Yourself Busy With These Cool Google Doodles (Pacman, Play the Guitar, Hertz Doodle and many more)

11. Type “Tilt” And Observe Your Head Turn

12. Stay Acquainted With The Sunrise And Sunset At Places Around The Globe

13. Try To Search For Recursion And Get Stuck Into Recursion

14. Click The Microphone Button And Enjoy A Vocal Search

15. Use An Antarctic Penguin To Scroll Through The Streets Of The Antarctica

16. Search For The Original Source Of An Image By Just Dragging The Image On The Search Bar

Credit: Google