17 Of The Scariest & Freakiest Places On Earth! 3 & 8 Gave Me The Chills!


We are pretty comfortable with some of our regular vacation haunts and LOVE exploring new places on earth but have you ever thought of the places that you would never want to visit?

1. Alnwick Poison Gardens, England
The name says it all; this garden is sorely dedicated to plants that can kill. Some plants are even caged to prevent people from touching it.

2. Ramree Island, Burma
Home to over thousands of enormous salt water crocodiles, this swamp is one place you would not want to find yourself in. Apart from the crocs it also houses venomous scorpions, malaria spreading mosquitoes and vultures eagerly waiting to ravish on dead bodies.

3. Yungas Road, Bolivia
You wouldn’t want to be travelling this stretch in Bolivia in any point of your travel. Called the “Death road”, this road is one of the few that connects the capital city to the Amazon rainforest region and has an average of 300 deaths annually. The weather, as well as landslides and the tricky thin path make this road the most dangerous path to thread on the planet.

4. Mud Volcanoes Of Azerbaijan
Volcanic activity under the Caspian Sea led to the creation of this island. This island hosts mud volcanos that erupt once in 20 years on average, blowing up mud up to 100 meters in the air and splattering it all over the island.

5. Izu Islands, Japan
The volcanic activity in the Izu Islands has resulted in the air becoming thick with sulphur. The stubborn residents have hung on to their homes only to spend the whole day, every day, wearing gas masks. Although they have been evacuated twice, once in 1953 and then again in 2000, due to volcanic activity; they have returned to their homes and continue to live there.

6. Ilha de Queimada Grande, Brazil
This is the last place you want yourself to be found in if you get freaked out by snakes. The island hosts the most amount of poisonous snakes in which scientist have estimated five snakes per square meter. It also hosts the ‘golden lancehead’, that is responsible for 90% of Brazil’s snake bite fatalities. These snakes harbor a poison that melts the flesh around the bite and this island is infested with this breed.

7. Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Pacific Ocean
This is the last place you’d want to be bumping into on a cruise. This is by far the largest marine garbage dump on the planet and is even larger than Texas, US. From plastic to chemical sludge, this disgusting floating island of garbage is certainly a place you wouldn’t want to visit.

8. Aokigahara, Japan
This forest is the second most popular place for suicides. A normal stroll on this patch will get you bumping into bodies hung from trees. Not surprisingly, this place also a hub for paranormal activity.

9. The Island Of Dolls
The dolls were put up by a vagabond Julian Santana after he discovered a girl dead by a river bed. The girl apparently used to speak to this man in her ghostly state and persuaded him to cover the island with dolls. The man died exactly how the girl died and this place is left with its eerie atmosphere ever since.

10. The Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic
Chapels are usually places people go to find peace but this one might do the exact opposite. The creepy interiors might make your skin crawl as it is made of the skeletons of 60,000 people.

11. Helltown, Ohio
This town was bought out by the Government in the 70’s, leading to a mass eviction of citizens who resided here. This creepy wooden landscape will freak you out in the nights with the dead silence and strange activity that goes on in here. Rumor says that Satanists, occult groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and so on perform their rituals on this land.

12. Pluckley, Britain
Known as the most haunted village in the UK, the woods hosts at least a dozen ghosts and is also called the ‘screaming woods’ because of the ghost activity that goes on in here. People have heard screaming, to sinister cries, and this is a paradise spot for ghost hunters.

13. The La Noria Cemetery In Chile
Once populated by coal miners, the economic slump forced the people to relocate.  Now this town is referred to as the ghost town with people going to visit it and not returning. The land is filled with graves which are half open and some bodies even sticking out from them as a result of grave robbers. This place is also a den for paranormal activity with people reported seeing children creeping around the land, hearing screams and footsteps.

14. Battleship Island, Japan
This was once the home of 5000 inhabitants, mostly miners, but this island close to Nagasaki is currently deserted after people moved due to the shift of the industries, from coal to petroleum. It has been called “Ghost Island” and the silent creepy nature of this place will scare the hell out of you. Tons have people who have visited this spot have complained of paranormal activity.

15. K2
Also known as Mount Godwin Austen, this is the second highest mountain in the world at 8,611 meters (28,251ft). One in four people who have tried to reach the summit have died in the process, making this the second highest in fatality rate in the World. The extremely steep ascents and the constant weather changes, being the main factors relating to the deaths.

16. Atacama Desert
Water is your best friend on this 105,000 square kilometer patch of land. This is the driest desert in the world and is composed of only stony terrain, salt lakes and Felsic lava that flow towards the Andes. On an average, the desert receives hardly 100cms of rainfall a year.

17. The Amazon Rain Forest
Located in South America, this forest is big enough to be a country by itself. Scientist have claimed that they discover a new species almost every three days. This extreme biodiversity goes hand in hand with extreme danger. From the diseases that one can contract from the food, water and insects, to the animals, millions of poisonous creepy crawlies, poisonous plants and lastly the ancient tribes that will eye you as a prey.