2 Simple but Highly Effective Tips That Can Help You Stop Snoring


You don’t have to sit back and watch sleep apnea destroy your life so thoroughly, especially knowing that you are never quite as fully awake as you should be in daytime, you can’t maintain any relationship once your partner ‘hears’ you sleep, and you can’t argue with anybody because you know full well that you are doing this to yourself.

Snoring and sleep apnea really aren’t that different than one another at all, but most people don’t even know that.

You see, when you sleep and your throat muscles are so relaxed, air cannot get through quite as easily as it should, so that you end up making that horrible grating sound as the air rubs against flaccid airway muscles and your palate.

That is snoring.

When it is sleep apnea, it is usually a lot more severe, to the extent that you really aren’t getting as much sleep as you think you are.

The resultant is that during daytime, you feel tired and exhausted the entire time, and you can’t concentrate at work.

So, at night you aren’t sleeping well, and in daytime you aren’t waking well; plus, you are sleeping alone, with household members threatening to move out and the entire apartment block threatening to move you out.

Not a pleasant thought, considering what snoring is doing to you, and you have to get up already and do something about it.

Of course you know about all those products and devices that help you stop snoring, but you really don’t want to have all of those gadgets and fixtures on your face while you are sleeping.

And you have heard that alternative medicine can offer you some impressive snoring cures, but you are reluctant to subject yourself to some wide eyed native who would do “who knows what” to you before you are able to break the bad snoring habit.

It is all perfectly understandable, but you will agree with me that you cannot keep up like this.

Well, the next few lines consist of just two simple stop snoring tips that you should have thought of a long time ago.

The first tip is – you absolutely have to lose weight!

I understand how you may not have thought of it before, but that has got to change now.

Look around you if your eyes are still good, and you will find that perhaps they are a few lightweight folks around you who snore, but a solid ninety-five percent of snorers are overweight folks.

That has got to say something to you about the syndrome; it is simply that with all that fat that you are carrying around, you cannot stop some of it from accumulating around your throat and making it harder for air to get past when you sleep.

If you want to stop snoring, do yourself a favor before you start surfing the internet for numerous snoring solutions and lose weight first.

If that does not work, you can then start thinking of other measures to stop snoring.

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The second tip is – change the way you sleep at night.

You see, when you sleep on your back, with your head thrown back like you are just knocking back some serious bottles of vodka, there isn’t any way you aren’t going to snore.

You are bound to end up with the soft palate at the junction of your throat and the roof of your mouth hanging loosely across your airways. When air fights to get past it, it does not vibrate alone; your cheeks, and mouth, and nostrils also vibrate with it.

You should try sleeping on your side more; then you will snore less, and then perhaps you’ll be able to save yourself from being forcefully evicted from your home.

As simple as these tips are, they can help you reduce or stop snoring without even having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive solutions.