These 20 Cleaning Tips Will Save You A Lot Of Time & Possibly Money! Especially #6 & #11


Hate seeing dirt in your house?? The bad news is that you still have to clean; the good news is that you can do it in half the time and half the price.

1. Use salt to clean your iron.

2. Sanitize your sponge by placing it in the microwave, at high, for one and a half minutes.

3. Use water and tartar powder to get your sticky toaster sparkling again.

4. Put your pillows in the dryer and set it to low heat for 10-15 minutes and you pillows will be fluffy again.

5. Use a toothbrush, citrus fruits and water to get your sink clean and rid of any smell.

6. Get stains out of fabrics easily with this

7. Use a microfiber cloth to clean light bulbs.

8. Put two caps of vanilla extract in coffee and in the microwave for an hour at 300 degrees. Your house will have a brilliant scent within 20 minutes.

9. Soak your socks in vinegar and clean your blinds with it.

10. Use a Walnut to remove dings from wooden furniture

11. Use toothpaste to get your headlights sparking.

12. Use olive oil and a rag and clean in a circular motion to remove scratches off your leather seats.

13. Use baking soda, half a glass of vinegar, put it in a plastic cover and wrap it on a shower head to get it clean. Let the water flow and leave for a few minutes.

14. Use white vinegar to sterilize fruits and veggies.

15. Use cornmeal to remove stubborn grease stains. Soak in cornmeal and then wash.

16. Use one cup vegetable oil and baking soda to remove the gunk stuck on kitchen cabinets.

17. Stuff your kids Lego set and stuffed toys in a laundry bag and then put them in the washing machine to clean them.

18. Use an onion to make your BBQ grill non-stick.

19. Clean old paintings with a bagel cut in half.

20. Clean fan blades with a pillow case so that you can stop having your face covered with dust every time you attempt to.