20 Delicacies That Might Make You Gag! Never Thought I’d Say That About Food!


Ever thought about how good we have it here when it comes to food with our pastas, burgers and our “occasional” red wine. Well you should, when you look at the bizarre array of confections consumed around the world. Not to be accused of stepping on my high horse, on the contrary let me just say we are well aware of the fact that in some countries food is scarce so they make the best of their sparse resources. But some of these foods are consumed just out of exultation. From a bulls testicles to urine soaked eggs these people are not too picky about what they choose to put in their mouth. If these grotesque delicacies doesn’t make your stomach churn then you have a stronger disposition than us mere humans… here are the most bizarre foods consumed around the world

1. Haggis
Haggis a traditional Scottish dish comprised of sheep’s heart, liver and lungs encased in stomach lining…who wouldn’t want their food to taste of ones stomach… English magazine describes it as descriptively unappealing (no kidding) but contains a nutty texture and delicious savory flavor…since we have nothing to go on, we’ll just have to take their word for it

2. Balut
This Filipino delicacy is a developing duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell. It’s usually served with beer, since beer nuts are so yesterday…and is described as haute cuisine in restaurants where it’s being served as appetizers…may be you just have to be worldly to consume something that’s akin to a fetus

3. Fried Brain Sandwich
Brains are not just for zombies anymore this food was an American delicacy until the country was swept by mad cow disease…but it is being consumed in some parts of the country although the appeal eludes us…

4. Tuna Eyeball
If you have a thing for looking your food in the eye whilst eating it then this is the way to go…this giant eyeball is found largely in the stores of japan. And is said to taste slightly of squid…or you could try eating a squid…just putting it out there…

5. Fugu
Fugu is a Japanese delicacy prepared from puffer fish that is notorious for its poisonous properties…it ejects a poison known as tetradotoxin which is highly lethal…so while preparing the fish the poison shouldn’t rub off on the meat. The chefs assigned to prepare the fish are rigorously trained so not have any mishaps…living dangerously just took a whole new meaning…

6. Bird Nest Soup
Don’t be deceived by the name…it’s not made out of twigs and hay as the name suggest,…its actually made out of spit…that’s right birds spit that’s been hardened and used to turn it into this delicious concoction…what’s not to like about spit…but in the interest of full disclosure it is considered to be quite healthy and wholesome…you just have to get over the idea of spit in your food

7. Urine Soaked Eggs
In china regular eggs are discarded as mundane and are instead soaked in the urine of adolescent boys…this is not done as a passing fancy but is considered to be quite healthy…like that makes it any less revolting

8. Sheep’s Head
Off with the head!!! Italians, Moroccans and the brits are really adept at picking a sheep’s brain…literally…this slow cooked sheep’s brain is considered to be a delicacy in these parts…if it’s any consolation it’s not staring back you.

9. Century Eggs
If you like your eggs slightly stinky century eggs is just the thing for you…This Chinese delicacy is buried in mud and ash with a ceramic pot for months and after a good wait(their words) you are left with this. As to why this is done your guess is good as mine.

10. Fried Guinea Pig
Say hello to your furry friend…fried guinea pig is largely served in South America with boiled potatoes on the side…

11. Kivaq
It’s not as exotic as the name suggests…this Greenland delicacy is so pungent that its guaranteed to stink up the place for months if not eaten outdoors… the birds are stuffed into a seal, feathers and all and are left to ferment for 3 months

12. Fried Rats
Yep rats…the good old KFR Kentucky fried rats…this was consumed when food was scarce around some rural parts of china but since then it’s been eaten every month or so since they clearly couldn’t let a good thing pass…(yuck)

13. Rocky Mountain Oysters
This delicious concoction is comprised of bulls testicles…the good folks of Colorado cannot seem to get enough of this deep fried goodness…they go nuts for nuts

14. Fried Spider
This is a delicacy in Cambodia… and Compared to all of the aforementioned delicacies this sounds downright appetizing

15. Chicken Feet
This can be found in china and is said to be delicious and healthy…guess they really despise wastage

16. Fried Worms
Once Consuming worms was a way to ward off poverty but since then it has been consumed for its nutritional value and is said to be quite savory… so is meat, in case anyone was wondering

17. Casu Marzu
If you were a Sardinian you would be forewarned before you ventured anywhere near this delicacy…in Sardinia casu marzu translates as rotten cheese and that’s precisely what this is…they take good old cheese and ferment it until its rotten and you can see maggots feasting on it and you consume it with maggots and all… *shudder*

18. Sannakji
Eating sushi is one thing but consuming live octopus is may be taking things a little too far but Koreans view this delicacy to be quite delicious and outworldly experience…this dish is bought straight from the kitchen to your table with squirming tentacles and all, if you don’t mind your food to be slimy…not for people with faint disposition

19. Baby gaga ice-cream
An ice-cream parlor in London caters to customers with a taste for breast milk (gross)…yep ice cream flavored with breast milk. I shudder to think what’s next on their list…revolting!!!

20. Durian
Sold largely in south East Asia this fruit inhabits repugnant smell that evokes deep disgust amongst its patrons…but the fruit inside is said to be quite delicious that is if you can get over the smell…