20 Disturbing Facts About Fast Food That will Make You Wanna Throw Up! Especially #2


Are you a regular customer at fast food joints?? Well at the end of this you’ll probably wonder whether you blew cash on eating food or just some stuff you wouldn’t have eaten if you knew this all along!

1. Most fast food fries have preservatives added to them helping them maintain their gorgeous finish for at least three months.

2. A recent study revealed that an average fast food consumer would have ingested at least, or maybe more than 12 pubes (pubic hair) a year.

3. Half of the cheese products labelled as processed isn’t cheese after all. Almost 50% of it is additives, chemicals and flavoring.

4. Propylene glycol is used in salads in various fast food joints to keep the leaves crisp. It is also used as an anti-freeze and as a sexual lubricant.

5. One burger patty can contain meat from up to hundred different cattle.

6. Most fast food burgers look identical and indestructible even after fourteen years. So are we really eating food or plastic?

7. Taco meat at most Mexican fast food chains contain only 36% meat. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

8. Love chicken by-products?? You’re not going to love this though. 55% of chicken is fat, the rest being feathers, preservatives, skin and corn, petroleum and hydrogenated fats. Now you’re surprised why you feel fuelled after a bite??

9. Milkshakes at most fast food joints have more chemicals that your garden fertilizers.

10. The meat in most fast food sandwiches is reconstructed products containing pig innards, tripe, heart, scalded stomach and a load of salt to get your blood pressure high enough to get you to the hospital. Oh yes, and a flour bleaching agents as well.

11. Silicon dioxide is used as an anti-caking agent on Buffalo wings and chili. Silicon dioxide? Yes, that is basically sand. It helps the product stay in the heaters for days.

12. Have you ever eaten something that has bright red food dye on it at fast food joints?? Well it’s probably Carmine, which is made from crushed abdomen of an African beetle.

13. Fifty percent of fast food drink dispensers have fecal bacteria on them.

14. Most fast food places carry the leftovers to the next day; well at least it is crispier than the previous day.

15. Now who doesn’t love to see those fresh grill marks on your burger? Sadly those marks were made at the factory itself.

16. Most of the fast food burger pictures you see on TV or on a billboards aren’t even real. You can thank Photoshop for getting you drooling.

17. Next time you want to munch on that delicious Taco salad then know you’re going to be consuming the same amount of calories as when you consume 16 average Crème pies.

18. Food dyes are the norm in fast food joints; these alter the behavior of children as well.

19. Subway bread contains azodicarbonamide, a chemical which is also found in Yoga mats.

20. Most tomato based sauces at fast food joints contain maggots and fly eggs in it. Think we are kidding? Nope, the FDA have even accepted sauces which contain “30 or more fly eggs per 100 grams” and “1 or more maggot per 100 grams.” You’re probably not going to spot it but the thought of it is gross.