20 Of The Most Haunted Places On Earth! #3 Is The Freakiest!


There are a lot of places on earth that are known for being haunted but these are the worst of the lot and are not for the faint of heart.

1. Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania, United States
This prison which was built in 1829 was one of the first to introduce solitary confinement for the prisoners. The prisoners would be left alone to do everything and this isolation drove them to insanity. The system was scrapped in 1931 but continued to function as a regular prison.  Paranormal activity has been reported ever since the 40’s but increased drastically in the 70’s. From shadowy figures roaming the vicinity, to a dark figure that guards the tower, to ghostly faces seen in the cells, to banging of cell doors. Till today the insanity meted out to the prisoners lives on like a curse on the land. This Pennsylvanian property is a mark of evil.

2. The Tower of London – London, England
Regarded as one of the most haunted places in the UK, this spot is no strangers to mass executions and deaths. One of the most famous sightings of paranormal activity has been that of Anne Boleyn, the wife of King Henry VIII. In 1536 she was beheaded and has been spotted roaming the castle in her headless state. Another is of Lady Jane Grey, who in 1957 was seen passing a friendly wave to the guards in her omnipresent state. The last is the two children, the princes, who have been seen in their night gowns wandering the corridors of the castle. Rumor has it that they were ended by their uncle as their skeletons were exhumed from the staircase of the castle.

3. Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England
This house which was built in 1145 is possibly the most haunted house in the world, or if not in the British Isles. This very house was the center of devil worship, child sacrifices and any activity that pleases Satan. People who have resided in this hell hotel have complained of attacks, hearing disembodied voices, cold brushes against their bodies and just the foul feeling of the existence of evil. The owner, John, on his first stay at his hotel, was attacked and dragged out of his bed in the middle of the night. He believed that some devilish activity used to take place in the house as he found skulls of children and tools of witchcraft. Till today he is on the receiving end of the touch of evil.

4. Monte Cristo, New South Wales, Australia
Owned by the Crawley family, post her husband’s death, Mrs. Crawley, for the next 23 years until her time was up never stepped out of her house except on two occasions. After her death as well she remained within the four walls of her house. People who have dared to visited this place have seen omnipresent bodies, phantom faces at the window, lights turning on and off by themselves. Those who entered the room of Mrs. Crawley apparently turn breathless and purple but regain normality as soon as they step out.

5. Bhangarh Fort, India
Cursed by a black magic tantric, this fort ever since has hosted the lost souls of people. He cursed them saying that they would never receive rebirth and that they would wander this fort for the rest of time. Looks like this curse came true. What are even more interesting are the roofless houses in this place. Apparently every time someone builds a roof in this area the roof collapses due to mysterious circumstances. The Government themselves have banned people from visiting the site after sunset.

6. Ohio University,  Athens, America
Apparently five cemeteries surround this administrative center and in fact form the shape of the pentagram from a view from above. There were many acts of Satanism and weird deaths that have taken place on this campus, one being a girl who killed herself post a satanic ritual in which she smeared her blood in writing all over the wall. Another is the case of the basketball team who died in an accident; their dribbling on court can still be heard today.

7. Changi Beach, Singapore
Used as a murder ground during the Second World War. Thousands were killed as been claimed as anti-Japanese. People still today see headless ghosts, reports of crying and screaming and blood stains on the shore. People have even observed holes which look like graves dug up in the nights.

8. Berry Pomeroy Castle, Totness
This 14nth century castle is haunted by female ghosts, namely, the white and the blue lady. The white lady can be traced to Margaret Pomeroy, who was starved to death in a dungeon by her jealous sister and haunts the Margaret tower as it is so called. The blue lady apparently seduces the visitors to the ruins of the castle and it is advised not to follow her lead.

9. Dominican Hill, Baguio City, Philippines
This very place is still today haunted by the victims of the Second World War. Visitors hear banging doors, dishes clattering and screaming voices at night. The ghosts are at a constant unrest and make sure that the guests live the same lives within the walls of this haunted spot.

10. Karosta Prison Hostel, Latvia
Was once a prison for the Nazi and Soviet militaries. Thousands were tortured and killed here and it’s no surprise that paranormal activity exists here. Now this place is converted into a prison-themed hotel for those who wish to feel like being a prisoner and experience paranormal activity. Visitors have seen light bulbs unscrew themselves and crash to the ground, a woman wandering who apparently killed herself and the doors open and close by themselves.

11. Hotel Burchianti, Italy
This is the very room where Former President Benito Mussolini and mass murderer stayed. Visitors to this room get an immediate evil feeling on entrance along with icy breathes on their faces apart from seeing dead children skip down the corridor.

12. The Stanley Hotel, US
Since its initiation in 1911, this place has been linked to paranormal activity. Apparently the maid who used to work here still assists guests in room 217 by folding and putting away their belongings. Visitors have also spotted Mr. and Mrs. Stanley walk through the corridors from time to time and Mrs. Stanley playing the piano.

13. Borgvattnet (The Haunted Vicarage) – Sweden
A small village but also known as the most haunted village in Sweden. Since 1927, paranormal activity has been documented. From people seeing ghosts in their houses, to their clothes on the line ripped and flung to hearing screams at nights. Notice the window on the right.

14. Babenhausen Barracks – Hesse, Germany
The ghosts of the Nazis are known to wander on these lands. People have heard German war commands in the nights. A witch who was burned by soldiers in the early 19nth century and she has come back to this land as a ghost for revenge. She has supposedly seduced several soldiers to their deaths. Soldiers who have used a telephone here have also heard a woman talking backwards, not sure whether it is in German or English.

15. Lawang Sewu – Semarang, Indonesia
This place was taken over by the Japanese forces during The Second World War; this place was eventually turned into a center for killing and torture of people. The Dutch who originally built this place reclaimed it in 1945. People flock this town to get a feeling of the paranormal but the most famous ghost is a Dutch woman who has also been caught on tape.

16. Poveglia Island – Italy
Located between Venice and Lido, this now abandoned island was used as a quarantine colony in the 14nth century. Many war veterans’ died on this island and their bodies turned to ashes on giant pyres. During the 18nth century this place was turned into a mental asylum. This place was always high grade eerie with demonic possessions of those who visited, some spotting dark fleeting shadows, voices and screams. Till today fishermen fear fishing in these waters for fear of pulling up dead bodies. The Government has now prohibited public access.

17. Island of the Dolls – Xochimilco, Mexico
Legend says that there were three girls once playing on this island when one slipped and drowned. Though she physically left, her spirit lingered on. In the 1950’s a man named Julian Santan Barrera moved to this very island for want of being a recluse. Soon this man started hearing voices of this girl and in order to satisfy her he started hanging dolls from trees. The girl’s obsession did not stop there as it reached a point where almost the whole island was covered with dolls. She then craved for the man himself to join her in her watery grave. Not much later Julian was found dead in the same way and the same spot where this little girl perished. People are still haunted by this island, often stating that the eyes of the dolls follow them like they are alive.

18. Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland
This is a famous spot of tortures and bloody battles back in the day. Not surprising that tourists who visit this heritage spot come in direct contact with ghosts who have unfinished business. People have seen apparitions, sudden drop in temperatures through some corridors, a headless cook, and the unusual feeling of being watched.

19. The White House – Washington D.C., USA
The home and office of the Presidents of the United States has also seen its share of paranormal activity. Many dignitaries have seen Abraham Lincoln warming himself by the fire place by his room, among them who saw him was Winston Churchill, who refused to stay there again. The ghost of Andrew Johnson apparently also lingers around with people hearing his laughs and violent reactions at times.

20. St Augustine Lighthouse – Florida, USA
This place has been coined “the Mona Lisa of paranormal sites”. During the construction of the lighthouse, two girls who were the daughters of one of the workers accidently died, and have since haunted the tower.  Apart from them a woman has been heard weeping and mourning at nights, sound of footsteps when there is no one and seen the ghost of civil war hero William. A. Harn who was the former lighthouse keeper.