20 Invention You’d Want In Your Life RIGHT NOW!! Especially #3 & #7


Being creative is not everyone’s cup of tea. While we see horrible items in most shops that would be an utter waste of money, there are some items, in which their simplistic approach yet creativity will just make your life slightly easier. That’s the whole point right. Check out these cool inventions and leave your views below.

1. Toothpaste Squeezer

2. Hangar Tea bags

3. Obelix menhir that converts into seats

4. A step higher if you can’t reach.

5. Hide that expensive wine bottle with this simple outer cover

6. The Invisible Helmet

7. No stopping that blood circulation to your hand now.

Image Source: vitamin-ha.com

8. Corn Shredder

9. The ultimate recliner

10. All in one, chair, a stool, a ladder.

11. Homemade giant robot

12. Hammock Boat

13. Who wouldn’t want chopsticks that cool noodles before they burn your mouth.

14. Baby Stroller and Scooter Hybrid

15. Spaghetti Measuring Tool

16. The Invisible book weight

17. The Hoodie Bag

18. Chilled whiskey stones to keep your drink as neat as ever

19. All in one hand

20. Hands free umbrella