These 20 Mysterious Places On Earth Will Leave You Completely Baffled! #14 Has To Be The Weirdest


We live in an age where technology and other luxuries have been pampering our lives. Surviving amongst towering concrete structures and chaotic streets, life seems to be really normal for most of us who are confined to the urban environment. However, here are few mysterious places on the planet which are sure to leave you baffled. Rapidly evolving technology and many decades of continuous research have been unsuccessful in discovering an accurate explanation to most of these weird phenomena across the globe, take a look.

1. Blood Falls of Antartica: Hyper saline water with high amounts of Iron oxide deposits, flow from the Taylor glacier in Antartica giving it a blood-red appearance

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2. A flame behind the gushing water, this mystery has left tourists visiting Eternal Flame Falls of New York intrigued. Geologists claim that the presence of natural gas is the reason behind this phenomenon

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3.  Located in the Indian state of Gujarat, the paranormal activities at ‘Dumas beach’ are at their peak after sunset. Tourists have apparently heard weird noises & whispers while walking here.

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4. A stray diver discovered these century old  underwater ruins estimated to be around 10,000 years old off the Japanese coast of Yonaguni.

5. Spain is not just home to bull fights, but also this rusty looking river called Rio Tinto. Its said that the river owes its appearance to the huge mineral deposits found here.

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6.  At Racetrack Playa, located at Death Valley national park, California, stones manage to sail automatically over the surface. This is a mystery which has remained unsolved since 1915. Researchers claim that a terrestrial force has been moving these stones. However, the exact identity of such a force has not yet been discovered.

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7. The Bermuda Triangle. A stretch of the Atlantic, where dozen of ships have mysteriously disappeared. Planes flying above this place have met with tragic ends. There’s still no convincing evidence which reveals the mystery behind this place.

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8. The famous ‘Stonehenge’. Its still not clear whether this place was intended to be a burial ground or a UFO landing site.

9. The great ‘Pyramid filled city of Teotihuacan’: There’s no clue who built this place, and what they intended to call it. A group of pilgrims called Aztecs who visited this place later, named it ‘The place where the gods were created’

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10. This prohibited military site in Texas, is a place where Alien bodies & technologies were said to be taken, after a UFO supposedly crash landed near Mexico in the year 1947.
Meetings with extraterrestrials, examination of crashed alien spaceships and even development of a technology that enables time travel were apparently carried out here

11. This circular structure located in the Sahara desert is called the ‘Richat Structure’. Its around 30 miles wide, and is believed to be an impact of an asteroid impact

12. Termed as the “Most beautiful river in the world”, Cano Cristales transforms into a wash of color during the transition phase between wet and dry seasons

13. This 76 year old Brazilian yacht sunk after succumbing to harsh weather conditions, and ever since lot of speculations & stories glorifying the mysteries of the yacht have been doing the rounds

14. ‘Czermna  Church’ in Poland, is decorated with the skulls & bones of the victims of thirty years and Silesian wars

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15. The ‘Bigelow Ranch’, a property located at Utah has witnessed numerous UFO sightings, animal mutilations and other such bizarre occurrences. The owners have been at the receiving end of many such puzzling situations since they bought it in 1994

16. ‘Lake Anjikuni’: A Canadian traveller by name Joe Labelle, discovered that the people who had inhabited the shores of this city, had vanished without a trace

17. The ‘Superstition Mountain’: Located near Phoenix Arizona, Researchers continue to debate over its origin, few of them believe it was formed 25 million years ago due to volcanic eruptions

18. The Akodessewa fetish market in Africa is a Voodoo lover’s paradise. A one stop shop for animal bones and creepy Talismans, You’ll find Voodoo merchants from many parts of Africa who claim that their solution is the best.

19. ‘Island Of Dolls – Mexico’. The owner of this island, apparently hung thousands of such dolls on this property, to save himself from the wrath of a little girl’s spirit who haunted the place

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20. Bhangarh Fort in India : Termed as ‘One of the most scariest places on Earth’ , any person who visits this place after dark is said to mysteriously die and his/her spirits would continue to wander around this place for hundreds of years without a possibility of a re-incarnation