These Are 20 Of The Strangest & Weirdest Things You Can buy Online! Especially 5 & 7!


Yes you can buy everything from food to electronics to home furnishings online but there are a lot of weird things also for sale out there. Things that will have you asking, “WHY WOULD ANYONE SPEND MONEY ON THAT!”

1. The Jesus Toast for a dollar as a starting bid.

2. A 51 year old offered to sell his elderly parents for 155$.

3. Cornflake that apparently looked like the state of Illinois and was sold for 1350$ by two sisters.

4. Ladybugs, live and kicking, and that too from Amazon!

5. A man in 2007 put his soul up for sale for a bid of 1 million dollars. He said he would rather not have the devil have it but would sell it to someone who could make good use of it.

6. Obese statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger

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7. Medicinal Nipple Hair- “Attach your nipple hair to your wound and see the magic” says the seller.

8. 750 grenades and a rocket launcher. Safe to say that the guy selling this did get into trouble with the authorities!

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9. A cheating husband’s used condom and his lover’s knickers… WHY WOULD ANYONE BUY THAT!

10. Grow your own gay best friend for 1.28$

11. Kangaroo Scrotum Key ring for 39$

12. A 10-year-old Virgin Mary grilled cheese for 28,000$

13. A replica of 5 pounds of human fat sold by Amazon!

14. Star Trek actor William Shatner sold his kidney stone for $20,00

15. It’s a Civil War soldier’s infected, severed foot just for 40$

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16. Zombie Survival Kits… to be honest… that is something that we WILL need one day!

17. Urine Powered Batteries

18. One Liter of wolf urine for 34$

19. Drinkable urine samples at 2.50$ a container

20. A nose-shaped shower gel dispenser