20 Technologies That Sound Like Science Fiction But Are Closer To Reality Than You Think


Nature is evolving and so is technology. Technology is reaching such a point that it is making life faster yet easier. These are some of the inventions that will come out in the next decade, that will aide you tremendously. It is unimaginable to see how rapidly scientist are raising the bar with respect to technology and we can only hope to keep up or be tagged outdated. Maybe there will come a day when computers will rule humans and men unite to fight their creation. Who knows with the rate at which things are going man, who knows.

1. Electronic Paper
With the dawn of technology, soon one can bid goodbye to the regular morning newspaper that is delivered to your place every morning. Soon enough, everyone will have an electronic paper in which the daily news will be uploaded on to it and it will post events that you only are interested in, personalized news basically.

2. A Billion Pixel Telescope
While the human eye can see thousands of stars on a clear night, this telescope which is called “The eye of Gaia” can map a billion stars at a time. This will help scientist map the galaxy like never before, eventually leading to the discovery of starts and planets, still yet to be.

3. The First Zero Carbon City In The World
In 2015, Madsar which is just outside Abu Dhabi will be the first city to be powered by solar and renewable sources. The city offers homes for more than 50,000 people.

4. Personalized 3D Printers
Soon people could have these printers at home that could enable just with a simple formula to create any object they want, from car parts, to medicines, to household items, etc.

5. Portable Lasers That Heals
As soon as 2017, you could have wounds healed by portable lasers. If you get a body part gashed and worry about bleeding to death, this laser will solve that problem in an instant.

6. Light Peak
By 2017, you will be able to transfer Gigabytes in seconds using this technology. The goal is to be able to transfer 100 Gigabytes in a second by 2020.

7. Crash Proof Cars
By 2020, one of the most welcomed inventions would be crash proof cars. One of the leading companies Volvo has promised this, in which the car will contain sonar, radar and driver alert systems, eventually saving thousands of lives.

8. Invisible Computers
They will be so small and integrated into your clothes, shoes and other necessities that the naked eye will not spot it.

9. Autonomous Robots
Robots that will fight our wars is making rapid progress, wouldn’t be surprised if they fight us. Watched I robot starring Will Smith?? Well no lessons learned there.

10. Desalinization plants
By 2020, scientist believe that they will have enough plants set up to desalinize water of the oceans and make it drinkable, hence no one goes thirsty.

11. Flying cars
Already a reality, courtesy Terrafugia Inc. but the mass production of cars that fly will take time and is still a concept of the future.

12. Prosthetic Limbs That Help You Feel & Control.
Here researchers from Europe have found a way to connect the prosthetic limb to the patients remaining nerves. It creates a sense of feel and allows him to exert pressure with one’s hand. Although it is a leap and is still in the experimental stages, soon enough mass production of this will be a reality for the ones in dire need.

13. TALOS “Iron Man Suit”
Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit is the latest in research with respect to the armory of soldiers. The prototype will be ready by 2018 and it provides the soldier with great mobility, shock and fire protection. You’ll know where exactly they are heading with this product if you have watched the Iron Man series.

14. The Titan Arm
This invention is a strength-enhancing upper-body exoskeleton that will help you lift an extra 40 pounds. Those who suffer from injuries can utilize this on their path to recovery. It could also aide those related to lifting heavy objects for a living.

15. High Power Wireless Charging
At last someone is coming close to recreate what the great Tesla already invented but died with his secret. Soon you will able to charge your phone or any object without the help of wires, even when the source is 15 feet away.

16. Lab grown organs
With the boom of stem cell research and 3D printing, put together the two and scientist have figured out a way to print out organs as per the necessity. They may even be able print human embryonic stem cells and synthetic tissue and have recently been able to produce a fully functional cochlea and splint.

17. 1 Terabyte Memory card
Imagine having this much amount of memory space in your phone or camera. Most computers don’t have this much as yet but I’ll give it a couple of years before this hits the market.

18. Aerofex Aero-X
It’s been a dream for most Star Wars fans to own a hoverbike and now it is a reality. The Aerofex has been under research for 15 years now, and the prototype flies at an altitude of 12 feet at a speed of 45 miles per hour powered by water cooled, 250 horse power engine. This beast is going to be in the market in 2017 for a price of $85,000.

19. Digital Dasboard
Call it a giant i pad, instead of a plain boring windshield in front you will have this human-machine interface in which you can talk to your car, text, message, book rooms, check the map for the best routes at the present time and a shit load of things that will make a tech geek blush. Expect this in your car by 2020.

20. Car to car communication
No middle fingers or cuss words, now with Intel’s t M2M technology, cars will communicate with one another to avoid accidents, take the best routes and basically make life a lot more peaceful without our temperamental souls running the show and making life a lot safer.