20 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do


You probably already know that the iPhone is an incredibly diverse and versatile little device. The fact is, however, that you are probably only aware of a small fraction of what you can really do with it. To help you expand your horizons, let’s look at 20 lesser known tasks that you can perform with your iPhone.

1. Simple Way to Turn on Caps Lock

While it’s considered annoying to type all in caps, sometimes you want to get your point across in an emphatic way. To do this on your iPhone, you only have to tap the Shift key twice.

2. Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are very useful for allowing you to perform tasks without having to type in long strings of data. What you might not know, however, is that you don’t have to rely on pre-existing shortcuts -you can create your own customized ones. To do this, go to Settings, General, Keyboard, Shortcuts and Add New Shortcut.

3. Get Your iPhone to Talk

There’s a simple way to get your iPhone to speak text out loud. For this to work, you must first make sure that Speak Selection is enabled. Go to Settings, General, Accessibility and Speak Selection, where you can turn this feature on. Once you do this, you’ll see that you can select text and have the option of hitting the Speak button.

4. Correct Siri’s Pronunciation

This feature allows you to tell Siri that you want it to pronounce the name of a person or place correctly. If you don’t like the way Siri is pronouncing something, you must first activate Siri and get it to say the word in question. You then tell it verbally, “That’s not how you pronounce it,” repeating the name or word in question. Siri will then present you with several alternative pronunciations. When you hear the correct one, you simply select it.

5. Create a More Secure Password

iPhone lets you create a four digit number for a password. You can, however, also create a more complex one to make your phone more secure. To do this, go to Settings, General and Passcode. You will see a setting for Simple Passcode that you should turn off. You’ll then be able to create a longer and more complex password that includes anything on the keyboard.

6. Make Your iPhone Charge Faster

A very easy way to tell your iPhone to charge faster is to put it in Airplane Mode. You can do this from Settings, where Airplane Mode is the first choice on the menu. This function was originally created to disable features such as calling, texting and browsing the internet on flights and other places where phone use is prohibited. It’s also a good way to charge your phone faster.

7. See Your Phone Better in the Dark

If you find that your eyes feel strained when using your iPhone in the dark, one solution is to invert the colors on the screen. Go to Settings, General, Accessibility and choose Invert Colors. This will cause the screen to turn black and the text white, which is easier on the eyes when it’s dark.

8. Take Multiple Photos at Once

If you often find that you’re less than satisfied with the photos you take, you might want to try Burst Mode on your iPhone. This instructs your phone to take a large number of photos in succession. You do this by simply holding down your camera’s shutter button.

9. Use the Apple Dictionary

If you find yourself browsing the internet for an online dictionary when you want to know what a word means, there’s a much simpler option. Apple devices are now equipped with built-in dictionaries. There’s not even a need to open up any apps. When you see a word that you need a definition for, simply select that word and press on it.

10. Record a Video in Slow Motion

If you want to create a sophisticated looking, slow motion video, this is now possible on the iPhone 5S and hopefully any upcoming models. This is available via the Camera app, where you must swipe to the right twice to reach Slo-Mo mode.

11. Shake Your Phone to Make Changes

If you decide you want to edit what you’ve just written, you can simply give your phone a gentle shake. This is useful for typos or any situation when you’ve changed your mind about something. This will cause whatever you just typed to disappear.

12. Take s Screenshot

There’s a simple way to take a screenshot of anything on your iPhone screen. At the top of your phone is a Sleep-Awake button that you have to press along with the Home key. When you release these two buttons at the same time, you will have your screenshot. To find it, you have to open the Camera app.

13. Block Unwanted Callers

You can easily block people who are calling or messaging you. Bring up the Phone menu and you will see a Blocked list. This will prevent anyone from this number from calling or texting you.

14. Browse with Privacy

While deleting cookies is commonly done on computers, not everyone thinks of doing this on their phones. It’s not hard, however, to do this with an iPhone. Go to Safari under Settings and switch on Private Browsing. You can also clear your browsing history here.

15. Get to the Top of a Page

Image Source: taptaptap.com

If you’re reading a long page, it can be time consuming to scroll all the way back to the top. An alternative way to do this is to simply hit the Status bar. This automatically brings you back to the top of the page.

16. Replace Ring Tones With a Flash

If you would rather receive a visual cue rather than a ring when someone is calling or messaging you, iPhone makes this possible. To to Settings and Accessibility and turn on LED Flash For Alerts. Now you will see a camera flash when you get a call or email. If you don’t want to hear a ringtone, you will still have to silence your phone or you’ll get both.

17. Use Your Phone as a Flashlight

You will need to get the Flashlight app for this to work, but it’s free. This will turn your phone into a bright flashlight using your camera’s flash.

18. Look Up Bus Routes

If you’re in a city and want to get somewhere by bus, your iPhone can help. Using the Maps app, you will see a bus icon that will tell you the fastest bus route to your destination.

19. Turn Your Phone Into a Credit Card Machine

It’s now possible to collect credit card payments with your iPhone. Companies such as Square and PayPal offer free apps designed for businesses that want to charge customers with credit cards. Some of these companies even provide you with a swiper to make the process more convenient.

20. Synch Your Phone With Facebook

If you have the Facebook app for iPhone, you can simply hit Synch and your address book will be updated with your Facebook friends information.