Here Are 20 Things That, If Used More Often, Can Change Your Life Completely!


It seems as if many people in society have lost their manners and are too wrapped up in themselves, to care about what is happening with others. However, being polite can make a difference. Not only does being polite make someone else feel better, but it can also make you feel great as you know you are doing your part to put a smile on someone’s face. Here are 20 things that we don’t say enough, but we should start saying more often. Maybe you’ll find one that you don’t use enough, but you can start using today.


People are so caught up in their smart phones and social media profiles that it’s almost as if taking their attention away from it is causing them some sort of physical pain. Because of that, people shy away from saying something that should be so simple. Hello doesn’t take much, so it should certainly be something we say more of.

Good Job

By Annie Donovan (This image is from the FEMA Photo Library.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Too often people are competing with one another and trying to do whatever it takes to get ahead. Sure, there is a need for a bit of room for competition and drive, but there should also be a place for congratulating other people in your life. Whether it’s a family member who did well at school or a coworker who earned a promotion, “good job” goes a long way.

I Believe In You

Hearing someone else believes in you is a great motivational factor. Those who feel embarrassed or ashamed by something can quickly turn their mindset around if someone they care about tells them that they believe in them. But this doesn’t have to just be before a big dance recital or business meeting. Instead, “I believe in you” can be used for general terms to be a good person and do the right thing.

I Believe In Myself
Not only is it important to boost up other people, but it’s equally as valuable to boost yourself as well. If you have been beating yourself up for something that you did in your past, it’s time to turn it around and start believing in yourself.

I Appreciate That You Did That For Me

People are busy with their own lives and things to do. So, if someone takes time out of their schedule, it’s important that you appreciate their assistance. People don’t have to help or lend a helping hand. But you can bet that the more appreciative you are, the more likely they’ll continue doing it in the future as well.

You’re Welcome

By Pat Cubel [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

If someone tells you that they appreciate what you did for them, whether it be helping them with their car or simply holding a door open, take the time to acknowledge their gratification. A simple, “you’re welcome” goes a long way to let them know that you are listening to them and that their appreciation is, well, appreciated.

I Love You

When is the last time you told someone you love how you felt? Whether it’s a family member, a close friend or even a pet, telling them you love them is a great way to open the heart. More than most other phrases, I love you has plenty of emotional attachment to it, meaning that it means just a bit more. However, when it goes too long without being said, it can be hurtful to not hear it.

I Miss You

If you miss someone, tell them. Who knows, maybe they are missing you too. Instead, many people feel as if they cannot open up to others and show their feelings. Telling someone that you miss them doesn’t mean you are reliant on them, it just means you miss their company and like it when they are around.

I’m Sorry

If you mess up, acknowledge it. Nobody likes to be wrong, but even more people don’t like to be associated with someone who is wrong and cannot admit it.

It Will Be Okay

If you mess up, or you know someone else who messes up, tell them it’s going to be okay. Little things can often seem quite big in the moment. However, taking a deep breath and saying that things will be okay will help everyone relax.

You Are My Friend

Sure, you may spend time with someone at work for 40-hours a week or even hit the gym together. However, imagine how much better that relationship would be if someone took the step to tell the other that they are friends.

Let’s Agree To Disagree

Just because you don’t agree with something that someone says, that doesn’t mean you cannot be friends. Instead, tell them that it’s best to agree to disagree. This can help avoid conflict, while also stating your opinion and listening to theirs.

I Felt That Way Too
If someone tells you they are scared, happy, hopeful or whatever other type of emotion, let them know of a time you’ve felt the same way. When they hear that their feelings are not unusual, it will help them deal with the situation more easily.

Take Your Time
Everyone is always in such a rush, when is the last time that you heard someone say, “take your time?” Don’t be afraid to let someone cut in front of you at the store or take an extra moment to pump their gas. After all, unless it’s an emergency, you can take the time to enjoy the situation instead of rushing through it.

Can You Help Me

If you can’t do something, don’t be afraid to ask for help. People will appreciate that you trust their opinion and want their help, which will help build stronger relationships and bonds.

I’m Not Sure

Instead of just making up an answer every time someone asks you a question, if you don’t know, just tell them that you are not sure. That doesn’t mean you are unintelligent or stupid, it just means you don’t want to give them the wrong information.

You’re Amazing

What’s better than saying, “great,” “cool,” “neat,” or anything else along those lines? How about “you’re amazing!” Amazing gives that extra bit of emphasis that really boosts it up a notch above all those other trendy words.

Have You Thought That Out?

If you think that someone is doing something wrong or going to make a bad choice, tell them that you think that. But instead of demeaning their decision, ask them if they have thought it out. It’ll give them a chance to know that you may not be on the same page and they need to rethink their decision.

Saying Nothing At All

Sometimes the best thing you can say is nothing at all.

Anything Positive

If you have no idea what to tell someone and your mind has gone completely blank with anything on this list, just say something positive! People love hearing compliments and it will help you build relationships. Tell them you like their shirt, their shoes, their hair, the way they walk, their accent, their stories, anything. There is so much to choose from, and it only takes one to really make a difference in someone’s life.