20 Weird Yet Awesome Gadgets You Need In Your Life! No 14 Is Just EPIC!


Technology is reaching mind boggling levels and the CES 2015 just proved that. These are the best inventions of the coming year.

1. Stun-Gun Phone Case
Produced by Yellow Jacket, this Stun-gun phone case will deliver 650,000 volts of pain leaving the assailant comfortably numb. It cost a buck less than a hundred dollars.

Image Source: popsugar.com

2. The Kube
This is the ideal picnic basket, containing a portable speaker, fridge, clock, camera phone, bread knife and finally it connects to any smartphone.

Image Source: mentalfloss.com

3. Melomind
This tool is meant to be the ultimate relaxing head gear. It reads your brainwaves and delivers music that will help relax it. No headphones, just waves to stimulate your music sense.

Image Source: space.ca

4. Chromat 3D Printed Bra
It’s tight, fits perfectly and has taken the Next-Gen fashion world by storm. You wouldn’t need to worry about getting the right size with this one.

Image Source: shapeways.com

5. Hovering speaker
Now wouldn’t want a speaker that hovers over its base. Apparently it displays brilliant quality with its acoustic yet powerful sound.

Image Source: cdn1.pcpro.co.uk

6. Smart Pedals
This piece of invention records the distance, the location you have been to, speed and lots more that can be synched with your smartphone with the help of this app. You can locate your bike at any time with this tool through the app.

Image Source: neuerdings.com

7. 3D-food-printer-combo-oven
The easiest way to look like a professional baker. Just enter the shape you desire and this will do magic with the cake batter or mix. From writings to different shapes, this will do it all.

Image Source: pcpro.co.uk

8. Sleepy-Time Speakers
Whether you’re running or sleeping this comfortable bandana with an inbuilt speaker will keep you comfortable. No more dangling headphones after this.

Image Source: techbitzz.com

9. LG G Flex 2
No more worries of dropping and cracking your phone with this flexible phone. It also has an advanced self-healing back that gets rid of scratches.

Image Source: trustedreviews.com

10. Smart Belt
This smart self-adjusting belt will help you keep in shape. It will vibrate if you eat too much and also if you do not. It loosens when you sit down and tightens when you stand up.

Image Source: engadget.com

11. The Gym Chair
This smart chair will get you toned by just sitting on it. This is termed the ‘invisible’ gym by some which has fitness sensors running through its veins. The arms of the chair will force you into a workout in any position and calculated the amount of calories burnt. You can manage curls, presses, leg lifts.

Image Source: cnet.com

12. Store Dot
This beast will get your phone completely charged in 30 seconds.

13. Bragi “Dash” Wireless Headphones
This wireless beauty has a real-time in-ear fitness monitor for that perfect fit. Apart from that it has an internal 4GB music player and a touchscreen to scroll through.

Image Source: qwitter-client.net

14. Air Dog Drone
Once linked to a particular signal, this drone will follow you around like a faithful dog. Fitted with a Go-pro camera, the filming is immaculate. All the functions are automatic and controlled by a smartphone.

Image Source: zdnet.com

15. Edyn Garden Sensor
From nutrition to the humidity, this Wi-Fi connected sensor will do its best regarding the health of the plant, depending on the type of the plant and the climate it is situated in.

Image Source: thenextweb.com

16. Wocket Smart Wallet
You needn’t carry around a bunch of bank cards after this. This wallet will store all the details of all your cards and can be used as a master card. With a secure protection, this invention will make the use of multiple cards extinct.

Image Source: article.wn.com

17. Sony’s Symphonic Light
Sony’s Symphonic Light speaker is a small cylindrical light that uses the lamp’s glass to emit sound. This does not affect the look of the room yet delivers that crystal clear surround sound.

Image Source: gizmodo.com.au

18. Leo Smart Alert Nightlight
This nightlight has a built-in microphone that listens for alarms from smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. It sends a message to the emergency service if there is a serious problem.

Image Source

19. Ring Video Doorbell
This device will capture live footage of who is ringing at your door and send it straight to your smart phone.

20. Automatic
Automatic is an ‘Internet of Things’ device for cars. Connected to the port of the car and to the app, this smart driving assistant device tracks everything about the car, miles, fuel consumption and so on. It will even send an emergency message to those needed at the time of an accident.

Image Source: thetechgeek.com