22 Rare Historical Photos In The World!


History is an ocean, filled with numerous instances of battles and chronicles of kings & queens. The subject might have given you nightmares while in school, but here are few rare pictures from the old times which will leave you amazed. So check out these 22 rare historical photos that will show you famous events in a different light. 

1. Bombs being dropped on Japan, 1945

2.  Remember the lion roar in the logo of Metro Goldwyn Mayer(MGM). This was how the animals voice was captured

3. Wilbur Wright flying his creation ‘The Airplane’ around the Statue of Liberty.

4.  This is what Hollywood looked like from a distance in the early 1900’s.

5.  When the gates of East and West Germany were opened in 1989, this was the impact the historic moment made on the traffic.

6. A sailor kisses a nurse at Times Square during the celebrations of the American victory over Japan.

7.  Even the musical legend Elvis Presley did his bit for the nation by being a part of the armed forces

8.  This is how the statue of liberty looked when it was still under construction

9.  Employees of Google posing for a picture, taken during the internet search engine giant’s initial days.

10. A Reindeer stands still, while fighter planes drop bombs. A scene from the World War II.

11. This is how Nagasaki looked 20 minutes after that atom bomb was dropped.

12. Musical band ‘Beatles’ sharing a lighter moment with boxing legend Muhammad Ali

13. Leo Tolstoy talking to his grandchildren

14. The last few prisoners to leave the infamous Alcatraz prison in 1963, when it was shutdown.

15. Do you identify this couple? Yes, it’s the same pair from the ‘American Gothic’ painting.

16. Titanic captured on camera just a few days before it sank

17. Cuban leader Fidel Castro enjoying an ice-cream

18. Hitler having a look at the massive railway Gun

19. Martin Luther King removing a cross from his garden

20. A young John F Kennedy with his brothers Bobby and Teddy

21.   General Douglas MacArthur making Japan’s surrender official by signing a formal agreement

22.  A picture taken from the battle field during World War II

23. A tennis match being played in 1911 between then female tennis legends Hazel Hotchkiss and Florence Sutton.