24 Outrageously Fun Things You Would Want In Your Backyard This Summer


Some of the world’s greatest inventions were born in the bathrooms, but some of the wackiest ideas become practical in the backyards. Lots of backyards around the world have also been witnesses to some of the craziest inventions and businesses.
Are you sulking over the plans of exploring the Bahamas this summer that have gone haywire? Your backyard is synonymous of that shoulder to cry upon, to overcome the ruined vacation that has left you shattered. So you should stop cribbing about all the things that happened and things didn’t happen. Instead, try new things at your backyard, which you’d been using to dump your garbage.
If you have entered the ‘relaxation and recreation’ mode for this summer, for a fortnight, or even just the weekend, then these are a few fun things to do:

1.    Catch up with the next Walt-Disney Magnum opus:

Grab that bed sheet from your wardrobe, tie it across 2 trees or vertical supports (which are long enough) in your backyard, so that they stretch wide enough, resembling a movie screen. Call your friends and the introvert next door, in the night for the screening. Keep few cans of chilled beer handy for a complete movie watching experience.

2.    Swing your mood swings Away

That was the first amusement ride your Mommy introduced you to. Tie it on the tree, and get started. Your life might not be swinging the way it should, but this one works, in giving you some momentary pleasure.

3.    Water ping –pong

You need a pool in your backyard to do that, or you even have an option of creating one using plastic air bags.
Next, you need to let that table top, and yeah, most importantly, find a friend you can play with

4.    Climbing:

Perhaps, the simplest thing to do is to learn climbing the tree in your backyard. It’s a good practice, before you try scaling the walls of your girlfriend’s house to reach her bedroom window.

5.    Hanging Tents

What if you couldn’t visit the ‘Hanging Gardens of Babylon’, you can hang up those compact tents on the tree’s branches.

6.    A tree house!!

Fix a permanent den in your backyard. All it takes is few good pieces of wood, hammer, nails and a bit of your energy. The hard work is totally worth, and Mommy will never get to know your atrocities.

7.    Try being the next Tiger Woods

Borrow a golf kit, try the typical Golfer attire and play a few strokes. Make sure your buddy clicks those and upload them, for you never know you might just end up impressing ‘The One’. Make sure you don’t get a blow on your cheek from your neighbor for breaking his window panes.

8.    Da Vinci’s Pavement

If you’re an art enthusiast, lend that aesthetic touch to your pavement by brushing creative strokes by using some oil paint. If you get lucky enough, the neighbor might just notice that from his window and sponsor your art exhibition.

9.    Spaceship  window
Think of doing something for your poor Dog, other than just feeding him. Create a window in the fence, which overlooks the streets so that it can get its share of exposure to the world outside the backyard.

10.    Amazing maze
This is yet another mental exercise for your pet. Use plywood chunks to create that maze of your choice for the pet to play around. It’s going to make your dog less lethargic, and really active.

11.    Pool Party

Light up your swimming pool by using all those modest lights you have. Try buying some fluorescent lamps from the nearest store, few bottles of Heineken, rich and creamy Pizzas, a good collection of trance music and not to forget, a few dudes who are great entertainers are a perfect recipe for a crazy Saturday night.

12.     Become a Sleeping Beauty, effortlessly

If you just love being a couch potato and don’t wanna do anything else, this is perhaps a great time-killer. Put a canopy in your backyard, sleep underneath, and snore your way to eternal bliss.

13.    Think and ink

Is there a story lurking within you, and you weren’t just finding time to pen it down? Make the best out of this vacation and put your thoughts on paper, you will really feel proud of yourself and might even start thinking that you are the next bestselling author.

14.    Time for Baseball

Bring your friends home and start playing There is nothing better to break the monotony of a day than playing catch with friends.

15.    Ab-workout can’t get better than this

The best way to cut down flab and have the time of your life is to try your hand at Hula Looping. Get yourself a Hula Loop ring and get started. Recording the act is also a great idea.

16.    Collage of College Days

Dig out all those pictures, lying under your bed and in shoe boxes in your cupboard. A plain diary, scissors and glue are also needed to make an album which you can cherish for long and probably introduce your kids to what life was like in the “good old days”!

17.    Make a Geodesic Aviary
What the hell is that? Let the term not send you into a nervous breakdown. Geodesic Aviary is a transparent cage for animals which resembles a crystal ball. Your chickens can rest inside the Aviary, which also adds aesthetic appeal to your backyard.

18.    Explore the skies

Now how can you do that sitting in your backyard? Simple, lie down in your backyard at night and gaze at the stars.

19.    Slide for the toddler

You have a baby that needs to be pampered? Then, the sloped terrain in your backyard is a blessing in disguise. Put it to the best use by fixing a slide, so that you can watch your little bundle of joy yell in excitement, while playing.

20.    Hawaii in your backyard

It is, unarguably, one of the best getaways in the world, but not visiting the exotic island shouldn’t disappoint you. Organize a ‘Luau’, or a Hawaiian party which is a blend of some great food and wholesome entertainment. Starters like Poke and Salmon accompanied by Beer should be sufficient. Dance numbers worth a booty shake are a must.

21.    Sandcastle

Every time you tried building one at the sea shore, the waves played spoilsport and washed them away. In your backyard there’s nothing stopping you.

22.    Watermelon seed spitting contest
Now that’s something you and your partner in crime can try, other than just being pranksters. Get a watermelon, cut it into 2 halves, give one of them to your best chum and place 2 bowls at a distance of at least 5 feet apart from where you sit. Try spitting out the seeds, with some force and decide the winner.

23.    Turn into a jumping jack

Buy a trampoline from the nearest sports store, and jump as long as you can. This exercise is gonna make you so tired, that all you can do later is just crash on your bed, and there’s absolutely no free time to feel bored.

24.    Potpourri

It’s probably a girly thing to do, which might even interest nature lovers. A potpourri is a collection of dried, fragrant plant twigs which you might find in your backyard. I know it sounds boring, but give it a shot, because it is a good collective which might deserve a place in your living room.

Now, do you realize that your backyard serves a purpose greater than just drying your linen and holding all sorts of trash?