25 Simple Things That Will Make Your Home Extremely AWESOME!


Homes come in all shapes and sizes and don’t always have the features or storage we want. However, there are things we can do to create more space and storage room without sacrificing appeal. The following twenty-five tips are meant to fire the imagination and provide ideas on organizing the home for functionality and style.

Ten Tips for a Functional Kitchen

• Pots and pans are bulky, taking up a lot of space in kitchen cupboards. A solution may be to hang them on a wall or from the ceiling. Racks are available at most department stores and come in different sizes and styles. Tasteful and functional, racks make great space savers.

• Utensils can be ungainly and take up drawer space. An appealing solution may be to hang bigger utensils, think soup ladles and skimming spoons, under kitchen cabinets near the cooking center. Attractive utensil jars on the counter are another option.

 • Small spaces between appliances or at the end of cupboards create the perfect space for a small cabinet or shelf unit. This extra space is great for cookbooks, phone books, notepads or other such items. Cabinets as small as one foot wide and either open shelved or with doors can create stylish space saving storage areas.

• Use under counter areas effectively. Space under the sink cabinet works well for a pull out towel rack. Also, mini shelves under the counter can help organize clutter.

• Attractive shelving works well for unused wall space. Put a shelf to work in the kitchen by utilizing it for small appliances or cookbooks. Though they are more work to install than simple shelving, individual cupboards may also be an option for open wall space.

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• Banish the batteries for a cleaner more organized kitchen. Battery organizers hold sizes from AAA to 9 volt. These handy units can be placed in a kitchen drawer or hung on the wall, perhaps under a cupboard, for easy access.

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• Use under cabinet lighting and outlets for functionality. Installing under the counter outlets saves room on the walls and eliminates unsightly outlets. The under cabinet outlets can also serve as a place to plug in under the counter lighting keeping it out of sight but available when you need it.

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• An unused corner makes a great place for a hanging three tiered basket. In the kitchen this would be a lovely place for fruit. Line it with doilies to match the kitchen décor for a sophisticated look.

• Create a pull out cutting board using a drawer. This can be accomplished by purchasing a sturdy wooden cutting board the same size as the drawer. The sides of the drawer will need to be cut down to accommodate the thickness of the board. Knives can be stored in the drawer underneath the board for easy access. Hint-it is helpful to have a small handle to pull up the board to get underneath.

• Open space at the end of a counter or in a corner would make an ideal spot for a broom closet or pantry. Tall open cabinets work perfectly for this and come in sizes as small as a foot wide.

Seven Ideas for a Serviceable Bath

• Bath toys can be kept at bay when not in use by hanging a mesh bag on a tile wall of the bath using a suction cup hook.

• Place a small suction type utensil holder with holes in the bottom in the corner of the bath. This works well for holding nearly empty shampoo or conditioner bottles upside down to get every last drop.

• Install a slide under step beneath the sink cabinet in the bathroom so the little ones have a sturdy place to stand while washing hands or brushing teeth.

• Place stylish hooks above a tub to hold such things as shower caps, bath brushes and mesh bath sponges.

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• A hanging three tiered mesh basket in the corner can house extra bath tissue, soaps and even rolled up bath towels in the largest basket.

• Single or double wide wall cabinets add extra space in the bath. They make a great place to store towels, soaps, cleaning supplies and the like.

• An attractive stand alone shelf can create needed storage in the bath. Great for holding towels, baskets of soap and lotions or any number of things.

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Five Bedroom Basics for Practical Comfort

• Slip on shelf dividers keep sweaters and other folded items neat and tidy on a shelf above the clothes rack.

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• Organize closet space with pre-made shelving designed to hold shoes and clothing. The units come in all sizes and have many different options to suit every need.

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• Use flat totes to store extra bedding or clothes beneath the bed. Tip-a bed skirt will hide anything stored under the bed and look attractive when matched with the decor.

• Hang small silver or gold nails on a closet wall to hold necklaces and bracelets. This makes an attractive and practical application.

• Use over the door hangers in the closet to hold belts or scarves.

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Three Final Tips for an Orderly Home

• Make extra space in an entry or hallway by installing cabinets and placing hooks underneath for jackets or sweaters. Shoe racks on the floor add even more practicality.

• Attractive shelves are practical for any room in the house. Use them to store books, magazines or games. Store magazines in decorative holders that match the room’s décor.

• Instruction manuals store nicely in large three ring binders. They can be kept out of sight but accessible when needed.

These twenty-five tips are meant to be practical and easy to implement. All of the above mentioned items are easily accessible from department or hardware stores. While an electrician or carpenter might be needed for some of the jobs, a can-do person can accomplish most of them.