25 Of The Most WTF Photos EVER! The Last One… It’s So Wrong On So Many Levels!


The world would be a boring place if not for some of the shocking things we see day to day. In fact man does need some stimulant to keep him on his toes. Thankfully this planet is not short of people that help give us that feeling. From pictures taken at the right moment, to strange situations these photos have one aim and one aim only, and that is to give you that “What the f***” reaction. The extent of ridiculity of some people here will definitely get you emotive in one way or the other.

1. Weirdest family ever!!

Image Source: podkitos.blogspot.in

2. The bees are back in town!?

Image Source: i.imgur.com

3. Poked his head in the wrong place I guess

4. Fiery fart or trick photography… who cares… it’s funny as hell!

Image Source: extraextra.fr

5. Oookkkk… that’s not disturbing… at all….

Image Source: piximus.net

6. Natural bra

7. Peek a boo

8. The bride is the last one standing!!

9. Taking his pet for a drive

Image Source: i2.wp.com

10. Well look what he rides on

Image Source: blazepress.com

11. Is this parenting gone wrong?

12. Rainbow in the loo

13. They are definitely not looking at the cutest thing in the world

Image Source: cupcakepedia.com

14. Stood up??

15. Puke and a kiss… just another night out!

16. Well clearly that is not a road

Image Source: rc.runryder.com

17. Right… now this is gonna take a decade or two to sort out!

Image Source: oddstuffmagazine.com

18. This is one hell of a balancing act!!

Image Source: oddstuffmagazine.com

19. Not a safe landing

Image Source: email-junk.com

20. This is wrong on soooo many levels!

Image Source: dlisted.com


22. Someone is carrying a huge package

Image Source: faxo.com

23. Just looking at this guy brings tears to my eyes!

Image Source: izismile.com

24. I guess conventional snooker is too boring for her?

Image Source: izismile.com

25. Weird sibling affection is weird! O_O