29 Beautiful & Amazing Sculptures From Around The World! Just Blew My Mind! Especially 26 & 28


There are some people who are of the opinion that we, as a civilization, don’t make any more beautiful sculptures like we used to in the era before ours but to them we can only say, “See THIS? This is OUR creation!”

1. Chen Wenling’s creation ‘Valliant Struggle’ is displayed in China’s popular public art venue Millennium Park. The sculpture reflects the highly capitalist and consumerist sentiments of the Chinese society.

2. ‘Infinity’ is created by contemporary Polish sculptor, Jerzy Kedziora. Jerzy has used Bronze Resin, commonly known as cold cast bronze, to create the high wire tight ropebalancing sculpture.

3. The sculpture created by Marco Cianfanelli consists of 50 steel columns, which have been used to create the face of Mandela, using laser rays. This monument was constructed, as a tribute to the noble peace prize winner, on occasion of the 50th anniversary of his capture by apartheid police. It is installed in the town of Howick, South Africa where he was arrested.

4. The statue of MihaiEminescu, a famous Romanian poet, looks like a face among the picturesque cloud.

5. The sculptor Mike Stilkey uses old discarded library books to create these amazing art works.

6. The illuminating suspended figurine of a human is created by the French artist Cedric Le Borgne. He uses chicken wire to create these beautiful sculptures.

7.  ‘The Kelpies’ mark the entrance of the Forth and Clyde canal in Scotland. The installation is the work of artist Andy Scott.

8. The ‘Black Ghost’ is a bronze sculpture depicting a mysterious creature stepping out  of lake near the Klaipeda Castle.

9. The gigantic spider called ‘Maman’ is the creation of Louise Bourgeois. Maman is the French word for Mother and one can see the eggs, in the thorax of the spider, made out of marbles.

10. Inspired by the distortion in a photograph, Sculptor Robin Wight started creating these amazing fairy wire structures. Created out of stainless steel the fairy is a symbol of power and grace.

11. This incredible sculpture named‘Caring Hand’ is located in Glarus, Switzerland, and is the brainchild of sculptors Eva Oertli and Beat Huber.

12. The ‘Diminish and Ascend’ is a sculpture depicting a stairway to Heaven.  Situated along a picturesque beach of Bondi, Australia, the sculpture is the creation of David McCracken.

13. The sculpture, by award winning sculptor Chong Fah Cheong, is also the most photographed by the tourists who come to explore the Singapore River.

14. The works of French artist Bruno Catalano titled ‘Les Voyageurs’ create the illusion of semi invisibility with a missing part of the torso and hand.

15. The sculptor Paige Bradley implores us to ponder our inner self through her work ‘Expansion’.

16. This installation by Spanish street artist Isaac Cordal, in Berlin, is dubbed by the social media as ‘Politicians Discussing Global Warming’. The sculptor had originally named this piece of art as ‘Electoral Campaign’.

17. The life-like sculpture titled ‘Two-Women’ is created by sculptor Ron Mueck. Mueck who was a model-maker and puppeteer, pays great attention to details while creating these hyper-realist sculptures.

18. The ‘Giant Clothespin’ is a sculpture in Belgium created by the Turkish artist Mehmet Ali Uysal. The structure gives an illusion of the pin holding on to a mound of dirt.

19. The sculptor Neil Dawson used welded and painted steel to create this sculpture which looks like a cartoon drawing of a piece of paper. The sculpture is installed in New Zealand’s Gibbs Farm, a private art park.

20. The ‘Anonymous Passerby’, is a monument in Wroclow, in honor of the people who took part in the anti-communist activity. The monument was installed in a busy crossroad on the 24th anniversary of the ‘Marital Law’.

21. The Bronze statue located in Las Colinas, Texas, is named ‘The Mustang’ and is the world’s largest equestrian sculpture. Robert Glen created the sculpture, as a memorial for the wild mustangs, which figure prominently in the history of Texas.

22. Zenos Frudakis created the sculpture ‘Freedom’ with a vision to depict the struggle one undergoes to achieve freedom. The Bronze sculpture is located at the GSK headquarters in Philadelphia.

23. The sculpture ‘Non-Violence’, more popularly known as the ‘Knotted Gun, was designed by Carl Fredrik Reutersward. The Swedish artist was inspired to create the sculpture when his close friend was shot to death. The Luxembourg government presented it to the UN in 1980 and since then it is installed in the UN HQ, Turtle Bay, New York.

24. This sculpture outside the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne is popularly known as the ‘Sinking Library’. Dutch sculptor Petrus Spronk, created this installation and had named it ‘Architectural Fragment’. Some perceive it as a library rising from the ground, which symbolizes the rise of importance of reading.

25. These glass sculptures, of lethal viruses, capture the complexity of the biological structures of the microbes. UK based visual artist, Luke Jerram, spent long sessions with virologists during his research and painstakingly incorporated the finer details to create these work of art.

26. The ‘Wind Sculpture’ is created by Anthony Howe, who uses various metal and polymers to create these abstract and kinetic structures.

27. The sculpture of ‘Man Hanging Out’ in Wenceslas Square of Prague is the creation of David Cerny. The sculpture depicts the dilemma of the man, Sigmund Freud, holding on to the post with one hand, whether to let go or hold on.

28. The ‘Quantum Man’ is the creation of Julian Voss-Andreae who uses science and art to conjure up these marvelous sculptures. The figure of a man, which disappears from plain sight, consists of layered steel sheets and captures the essence of wave-particle duality exhibited by matter.

29. These life-sized statues re-create a scene from the horrific era of World War. The memorial is located at Eceabat, Turkey.