30 Things Every Man Should Realize About Women


Men and women inhabit the same world, yet their respective perceptions of it vary so widely that most men on earth are compelled to acknowledge that they haven’t the faintest idea where to begin with respect to understanding women. To be clear, women are not so dramatically different from men in terms of what drives their actions and behaviors. Such similarities notwithstanding, there are things about women that continue to confuse men. Often, these things are connected to how women go about communicating their wants and needs. Indeed, it’s a rare man who does not sometimes think that men and women simply speak different languages.

For thousands of years men have been wracking their brains trying to decipher the inner workings of the female mind with precious little to show for it. To this end, a compact summary outlining every important rule concerning women that today’s man needs to understand is presented here.

1. In nature, the female of every species does the choosing. As a human, you are part of nature. Although men may not be aware of it, it is women who choose who they pair up with. As a man, your power comes from being able to say “no.”

2. Every woman on earth dreams of finding a worthy man. Your job is to be worthy.

3. Women are much better at non-verbal communication than you. They have to be. Society doles out harsh punishments to women who fail to conform to its norms. Of all the relationship frustrations women suffer from, the most universal and concerning is the complaint that men “just don’t get it.” As a man, you can help yourself greatly by making an effort to understand the many non-verbal cues and behaviors women use to communicate. These include postures and gestures, eye rolls, handshakes, clothing selection, facial expressions, head tilts and voice tonality.

4. Women can be picky and insecure at the same time. This is confusing to men because a man can understand another man being either picky or insecure, but they can’t imagine a man being both.

5. Height matters. In fact, we can say it is paramount. In that classic list of things that women find attractive in men (tall, dark and handsome), “tall” comes first. Men as a rule, have no idea how crucial this is, and they can go through their entire lives utterly unaware of it. For good or for bad, there is nothing a man can do about his stature in the literal sense apart from making habit of sitting up straight, standing tall, and practicing good posture.

6. Everything is a test. Your job is to always pass these tests.

7. Women are openly hostile to liars. They are offended by men who tell lies even though they frequently bend the truth themselves. They justify this by telling themselves that their excursions into the realm of fiction serve to help other people, not to do them harm.

8. If rejection is uncomfortable for you, know that it is absolutely crushing to them.

9. Before you can be anything to a woman you must first prove that you can be trusted.

10. For a man, a sense of humor is not important, it’s mandatory. There are many reasons for this. Chief among them is that a man with a good sense of humor is more likely to be able to think philosophically and “roll with the punches.” In other words, he’s safe to be with (see rule number 9). Men deemed “creepy” in our society give off a certain energy. They tend to be driven, overly serious, and ready to veer off into some dark and dangerous place. A genuinely funny man is the exact opposite of that.

11. To a woman, the scent of Scotch whiskey on a man’s breath is not the worst thing in the world.

12. Given a choice between an acquiescent man who is exactly her “type” and an assertive man who is the opposite of her type, a woman will choose the assertive man every time.

13. Women remember everything. They remember every compliment and slight ever aimed at them. A wise man is a man who chooses his words carefully when interacting with women.

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14. The spirit of a woman is such that she craves connection — a feeling that she can be part of something meaningful and important. Part of this feeling is rooted in a profound aversion to ending up alone in the world.

15. Women are every bit as shallow and superficial as men and they can be quite picky respecting their preferences (see rule number 5).

16. Women will not think better of you if you take longer to get ready to go out than they do.

17. The strongest woman in the world still wants a man that is stronger than she is.

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18. To a woman, “cheating” is defined as anything you’re doing that you feel you need to hide from her.

19. If you like women, get rid of your video games. Upon meeting them, most women will place guys in one of two categories: “men” and “boys.” Take a guess which category video game enthusiasts end up in? The lone exception to this rule concerns the girl you met that just happens to be an avid video gamer.

20. Women want dessert. They don’t want you to ask them if they want it. They want you to order it, and they want you to insist that the two of you share it.

21. If you invite a woman into your home, you can assume that at some point she will ask to use your bathroom. Once inside, she will look in your medicine cabinet to see what she can learn about you. Get used to this.

22. In terms of relationships, what women want above all else is to find a real man.

23. Not all women are gold diggers. Not all women who are attracted to men with money are gold diggers. Men who happen to have money are likely to possess a high level of confidence, and it is this confidence that these women might be attracted to.

24. Women have a keen sense of smell. To her, you have a unique scent that she will remember for a long time. If you enjoy being socially active, be aware that there are worse things to do with your money than invest it in quality men’s fragrances.

25. Don’t be cheap. Be a wise consumer, but don’t be a miser. When you behave this way you convey a message to women as far as you are concerned, resources are scarce.

26. Money is not a big deal unless you don’t have any, then it’s a very big deal.

27. In the interest of settling the persistent “is having great wealth important?” question once and for all, please be informed as follows: Having excellent future prospects is every bit as good as having a million dollars in the bank. It’s not about money, it never has been. It’s about you. The critical question is: Are you a good future bet?

28. A woman will not ask a man questions if she is not interested. It is a mistake to always assume that a woman asking you questions is interested in you. She may be thinking that you could be a suitable candidate for her friend.

29. Things that men find attractive about women are obvious on the face of it. The inverse of this maxim is not necessarily true. The things that a woman finds attractive about men can be paradoxical and intangible. They might include a man’s voice tone, wit, social status, intelligence or their character as a man. Women tend to like men that are strong and vulnerable at the same time.

30. To women, just being good at what you do — having competence in your chosen field can be very sexy.