30 Things Every Woman Should Realize About Men


Women and men are fundamentally different, and yet, you would be surprised at how similar both sexes are when it comes to relationships. Women, men are not mind readers, and as men know, neither are women. So take a look at the following thirty things every woman should know about a man. It’ll make your life easier, and it’ll make his easier as well.

1. Just Because He Looks at Other Women Doesn’t Mean He Wants Another Woman

Think about it: when you’re out with your friends or even by yourself, you look. You may not act on any thoughts, you may not touch, you may simply appreciate and walk on. He is the same way. Be happy he can look at other women, appreciate their beauty, and be grateful he has a woman as lovely as you. Don’t give him a hard time for it, though.

2. He Has Quirks Not Even You Knew About

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He probably plays League of Legends, and eventually, you’ll probably find out about his guilty pleasure. It doesn’t make him a nerd. It makes him a person. He doesn’t know all of your goofy tendencies, either.

3. He Might Not Tell You Via Text, but He Misses You

Did he text you about something silly he saw today? Does he ask you how your day has been via text? Does he text you at all? He does? Then he misses you. He might not outright say it, or he might depending on how long you’ve been apart. But the odds are, if you’re in a healthy relationship and you miss him – he misses you too.

4. He Needs Time with Other Men

Don’t you want to hang out with your friends? So does he, and it does not, by any means, imply that he is bored with you. They’re probably going to talk business or games, and honestly, the conversation and activities would only bore you anyway. Take the time apart to have some “me time.”

5. He Doesn’t Want to Go Shopping

Please take your friends. Or your mother. Or his mother. Anyone except for him.

6. Men Need Their Space

He might not want to spend every single waking moment with you. Reality check, though. Do you really want to spend every waking moment with him? Time at the mall or the spa is better spent with non-romantic partners. It’s good, of course, to merge your life with your man’s, but remember not to lose yourself.

7. Men Are Not Mind Readers

Just because most women are intuitive, does not mean that their men are. If you want something – say it. If you have a question about something – ask it. If you’re upset – tell him. Men are generally straightforward, so they tend to assume the opposite sex is as well.

8. He Likes the Way You Look
Sure, everyone can probably stand to lose five, ten pounds, but if your man is standing by your side, he has no shame. In fact, he probably thinks you look better today than you did yesterday. If a man does not like the way the woman in his life looks, she will know.

9. Being Active is Attractive

By no means do you have to now become a gym rat, but a run in the morning or a few reps of squats will do wonders for you and your man. You’ll feel better, you’ll look better, and he’ll notice.

10. Men and Women Drive Differently

Men drive fast. Men critique women’s driving. Men drive a lot slower when their women are in the car with them. If something happened to you behind the wheel, he would be devastated. He just feels better being in control.

11. He Wants to Wake Up to the Same Woman He Fell Asleep Beside

If your face is caked in a plethora of makeup constantly, he’ll never know that feeling.

12. Men are Happier When You Don’t Lord Your Femininity Over Them

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Yes, they are aware you hold the key to their sexual happiness. No, they don’t like when you won’t sleep with them. No, it’s not cute holding sex against a man. No, it’s not fair to use sex as a tool by which you can control your man. Sex should be a beautiful act of intimacy – men believe that notion just as much as women do. But what man would be happy with a woman who makes him beg? No man – unless it’s that kind of night.

13. Forgiveness is Once And For All

Or at least that’s how it should be. He’s not a dog; don’t rub his nose in it too long.

14. You Think You Look Good Tonight? So Does He.
You could be wearing a paper bag. He really does not care. He cares about you. You are your own worst critic, and if you throw on sweatpants instead of jeans, that only means easier access to your rear end – and that makes for a happy man.

15. You Want to Eat _______?! So Does He!

Pizza? Burgers? More beer than you can probably stomach? Men like when women indulge. Not eating doesn’t make you sexy. It makes sex more difficult. A healthy woman is something men seek after. Accomplishing the delicate balance between gluttony and starvation is important. A man notices a woman who enjoys sustenance. As sexy as skinny may be, no man wants to have sex with a woman whose bones are brittle.

16. If He’s Not in Middle School, He’s Not Playing Games
He expects you’ll act like an adult as well.

17. A Man in Love Doesn’t Want Anyone Else

Jealousy is your worst enemy. Isn’t it absurd for him to think you’d entertain thoughts about your best guy friend? The one who wore braces in middle school? Yeah, the same goes for him entertaining thoughts about any other woman in his life. You are the woman in his life. End of story.

18. Romantic Comedies are the Bane of a Man’s Existence

Living up to the standard set by this genre is impossible. Men are not the enemy. Life is not a movie. And yes, he adores you – more than the man on screen adored that woman – they’re actors.

19. Get to Know His Friends, and Don’t Expect Them to Leave

There will come a time when you’ll wish he would go out with his friends. Men need other men just as women need other women. Don’t bother trying to get rid of them. Can you imagine if he tried to do the same?Exactly.

20. He Wants to Know How Your Day Was

You are in a relationship – so be in a relationship. Tell him about your day; ask him about his. Don’t forget to communicate the little things.

21. If He’s Asked You to Move In, He Wants You to Move In.

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The same applies to nearly anything. If he invited you out with the guys, he wants you there with him. If he has invited you to a work function, he wants his woman by his side. Don’t question it too much.

22. You’ve Met His Mother? He Means Business.

Mothers are a difficult breed to deal with. You know that. So, if you’ve met his mother or are about to, the odds are, he cares deeply for you. Be honored – not nervous.

23. Men Don’t Take Love Lightly
If they say they want to spend the rest of their lives with you, they’re not joking around. Men desire love just as much as women do.

24. Men are not Invincible.
Oh, did it hurt your feelings when he laughed at your idea for work? It hurt his feelings when you said he didn’t look nice in the tie he picked out. Be kind – that man puts up with you.

25. He Sees Your Flaws – and Loves You Anyway
Yup, he knows you have acne. Yup, he knows you’ve gained five pounds. Yup, he is still into you. Men are not as fickle as women make them out to be.

26. If He Has Manners, So Should You
Don’t expect him to do anything. He doesn’t belong to you. If he opens the door, a simple “thank you” goes a long way.

27. Don’t Tell a Man Something You Don’t Mean

Would it hurt you if he said something he didn’t mean out of anger? Would it break your heart if he said he loved you and he didn’t? This rule applies to women as well. Don’t say it if you don’t mean it.

28. Surprises are Wonderful
Surprise dinner? Surprise tickets to see his favorite team? Surprise free-pass to hang out with the guys? Men love random acts of kindness – especially when they’re coming from you.

29. Sex Means A Lot to Him

He might want to try bizarre positions or use props or toys you’re just not into – but when it comes down to it, he just wants to be with you. Think about that for a second.

30. He Needs You to Communicate

If something is not okay, he needs you to tell him. If everything is wonderful, he’d appreciate hearing that as well.