30 Things Men Do That Women Probably Don’t Know About


Men make a habit of trying to seem cool and manly, especially when around other men. Even if a man is on a date where a woman “forces” him into doing something like seeing a chick flick, men often maintain the attitude that they don’t really want to be there, even if they secretly enjoy the playful dialog between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. This is just one several things men won’t readily admit, even if they were being interrogated by Gibbs on an episode of NCIS. Here’s 30 more things men do that they try to keep on the down-low.

1. Enjoying Foreplay and Cuddling

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While it’s often thought that men just think about the actual, there are plenty of men who enjoy cuddling and foreplay as much as their partners do.

2. Visiting Spas and Resorts

The fact that more and more spas and resorts are offering services specific to men shows that guys really do enjoy a little pampering.

3. Keeping Backup Women’s Numbers On Speed Dial

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For obvious reasons, this is something many men aren’t willing to admit, especially to a woman that may end up sticking around long-term.

4. Buying Lotions, Creams and Conditioners

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Men have dry skin and oily hair too, they just don’t like to admit it. However, men certainly don’t complain when they don’t have to scratch dry skin.

5. Fantasizing About Female Friends and Co-workers

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Regardless of how annoying a man claims to find some female friends or co-workers, mental undressing does take place deep within the recesses of the male imagination.

6. Reading the Occasional Chick Magazine

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While the swimsuit issues of Sports Illustrated is a must “read” for many men, some men “accidentally” pick up chick magazines in the doctor’s office and find themselves – gasp – genuinely interested in the articles.

7. Getting a Manicure

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Men don’t like gross nails either. The pampering that typically goes along with a manicure is another secret incentive.

8. Creating Pointless Challenges

The next time you see a man tossing a ball of aluminum foil into the trash can from across the run, it may not be as random as it appears. In his mind, it’s on par with something they give Olympic medals for.

9. Seeing If They ‘Measure Up’ Online

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While the data is easy to find, men sometimes need confirmation that what they have is within the normal range.

10. Watching a Sentimental Holiday Movie

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The holiday season is one time where it’s okay to jack up the cheese factor with a touch of sentiment thrown in for a good measure, as long as the remote is handy to switch to ESPN if someone else walks in.

11. Sharing Gossip with Friends

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While men may prefer to gossip over a few beers, the basic concept is the same as what their female counterparts do.

12. Calling for Tech Help

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Men who like to give the impression that they know everything tech related tend to seek assistance via mobile devices they can easily conceal to sustain the illusion.

13. Making a Subtle ‘Comparison’

The “comparison” usually takes place in the form of a subtle glance when standing next to another guy at a urinal, preferably at some type of sporting event.

14. Ordering a Girlie Drink

Most men who prefer a sweeter drink than a beer tend to justify such an order when in the company of a female companion, but they secretly savor the added flavor.

15. Enjoying a Catchy Pop Song

It may be the “guy thing” to like Eminem, but occasionally there’s a Justin Bieber song with a killer hook that a man will play all the way through when driving alone.

16. Playing Non-violent Video Games

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As much fun as it can be for a man to pretend he’s saving the world or blowing up an alien invader, there are times when men appreciate the magical powers of the new bubble witch.

17. Thinking About How They Would Save the World

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Blame Bruce Willis, but many men secretly imagine what they would do if they had to save the world from some impending disaster or alien invasion, often with a very detailed plan that seems totally workable – at least in their mind.

18. Buying Something Cute for Themselves

We’re not talking a new purse here, but some men certainly appreciate a pen with a favorite childhood cartoon character or a pair of socks with some added pizzazz beyond basic white.

19. Shaving More Than Their Face

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Aside from the obvious “other location” that a man can shave, this one includes the chest, legs and any other place a man has unwanted hair.

20. Being Afraid of Bugs

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Sure, there’s nothing wrong with fearing snakes, especially ones on a plane, but a man’s ego tends to take a beating if they admit to being afraid of an itsy bitsy spider or a furry rodent.

21. Seeing How Far the Flow Can Go

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Even a sophisticated man has participated in some type of contest, either alone with a buddy, to see how far the flow of a certain bodily fluid can go.

22. Checking the Mirror Before Leaving the House

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Sometimes the man in the mirror is the man leaving the house checking to see if everything looks good before heading out. Enough said.

23. Reading Fifty Shades of Grey – and Liking It

Whether it’s concealed behind the latest Sports Illustrated or on an e-reader, there are plenty of men who delighted in the erotic adventures of Mr. Grey and his exploits.

24. Saving Old Greeting Cards

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Not many may be willing to admit it, however many of these same men have drawers full of greeting cards from various occasions throughout the years that secretly evoke some tears.

25. Foregoing Bowls and Utensils
When not in the company of women, whether it be a girlfriend, spouse or mother, men tend to avoid digging through the utensil drawer as much as possible. This often means unusual uses for box cutters, pocketknives and random pieces of cardboard.

26. Attempting Self Oral Gratification
Some guys can’t resist the urge, almost always when alone to avoid having any witnesses, to attempt to give themselves oral pleasure. A sore neck or aching back from the effort usually deters repeated attempts.

27. Anonymously Seeking Sex Advice Online
Most guys like to think they’re experts on everything that could possibly go on in the bedroom. Many of these same guys create fake names on online advice sites seeking tips from anybody willing to dish out some advice.

28. Listening to a Voice Message Over and Over Before Sending It

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This also applies to leaving a post on social media for a girl they like, but the general idea is to make sure every word is “perfect” before pressing the send button.

29. Leaning to One Side and Letting One Go On the Couch
Even though it’s obvious what’s going on down there when a guy does this, very few men are willing to admit to actually doing it unless someone actually spots them doing it.

30. Drying Their Hands On Their Jeans

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When asked, many men will say of course they used the blower in the bathroom or grabbed a paper towel. In reality, many of these same men are perfectly content to give a couple swipes across their jeans to get the job done.