30 Things Women Do Men Probably Don’t Know About


1. We only shave our legs when we know that someone is going to see them. Even then, it may be questionable.

2. We often share personal details about our partner and relationships when we are talking to our girlfriends. We tell our girls just about anything and everything.

3. We Watch sad movies and listen to sad songs because we feel like getting in a good cry – even if we have no real reason to cry; In these cases, crying actually feels good.

4. We eat a ton of food after we are dropped off from a date because that salad just didn’t cut it. We also eat way more during a girl’s night than we would when out on a date.

5. We hold our boobs with our forearms as we run down the stairs because, believe it or not, the bouncing can really hurt!

6. We suck in our tummy to make ourselves look thinner, basically every minute that we are spending with our partner or friends.

7. If we are about to see someone we like, we may pinch our cheeks lightly to substitute blush. Lipstick can also work as blush when nothing else will do.

8. We sneak to the bathroom early in the morning to brush our teeth so you do not smell our morning breath. To be honest, we may straighten up our hair a bit too!

9. We hover over the toilet in public restrooms so that we do not have to touch the seat or put down toilet paper. At least it gives us strong thighs!

10. Although we do not want our partner to be overly possessive or jealous, a small bit of the two secretly makes us feel special. An emphasis on a “small bit”!

11. When we ask you if an outfit looks good, we actually want the real answer. Saying it nicely can help us avoid an ugly outfit.

12. We usually do not wash our hair every day. It is better for our hair that we do not. However, sometimes our hair looks best on certain days of the washing cycle. This means we are always mentally planning out our hair days around dates and important events.

13. The only article of clothing we wash every day is our underwear. Shirts, jeans, skirts, dresses, even bras will be worn multiple times between washes. We do make sure they do not smell though.

14. You can forget all the rules about dating because, if we really like you, we will be thrilled to get a text the next day (note: we do not want 50 texts the next day – everything in moderation!).

15. When our partner is away for the night, we cuddle with a pillow so we are not as lonely. At the same time, we enjoy the extra space.

16. Many of us shave unexpected areas – like our fingers and toes. Less hair is considered more feminine so we make it happen.

17. We save romantic texts and voice mails to listen to whenever we want. We may even read/listen to them after a relationship ends.

18. Many times we wear granny panties during “that time of the month” because they are more comfortable and we know no one will see them.

19. When we are in a relationship, we feel closer to our partner after watching a good romantic chick flick. So, it is in our partner’s best interest to watch them.

20. We actually realize that we often do not know exactly why we are upset. But, that does not make us less upset. Nor should it.

21. Holding hands can actually reduce the effects of pain and fear. One of the many reasons we love it.

22. We secretly love when a photo of us is our partner’s phone background, Facebook profile picture, Twitter picture, etc. This act makes us feel special and important.

23. We often plan our outfits out days in advanced. The last thing we want is our favorite shirt to be dirty for a first date!

24. We wear different lotions depending on the time of year, the place we are going, the clothes we are wearing, or the people we will be with.

25. For that matter, we also have different make-up, shoes, and purses for all occasions.

26. We do all kinds of silly moves to fit into that favorite pair of jeans that just barely fits.

27. We try to look better than ever if we know we will be running into our ex. Nothing like making them miss you more. On the other hand, we want to look even better than that if his new girlfriend will be there too.

28. Many of us save little mementos from important dates. Like those movie tickets from our first date or the wine cork from the night he proposed. Still, we keep them in a box and rarely look at them.

29. When in a public restroom, sometimes we loudly pull extra toilet paper out to muffle other sounds we are making.

30. We do not just ask for our partner’s sweater because we are cold. We also feel special wearing it and love the smell.