35 Moments That Defined 2014


2014 was a year of struggle, deadly diseases, some great scientific advancements and missing flights. As the end of 2014 approaches, let us take a moment to reflect on the most important events which occurred throughout the world.

1. Smoke billowing, after an air strike, in the town of Kobani, Syria, during the ongoing civil war.

2. A child is seen carrying a sack over his back walking through the rubbles of the Qabaris neighborhood in Syria. The war has rendered many homeless and jobless.

3. The massive destruction caused by the ongoing crisis in Kiev, Ukraine is evident from the picture.

4. The Orthodox priests were seen standing amidst the anti-government protestors and riot police in Kiev.

5. Prayers pour in for relatives of the passengers aboard the Malaysian Airlines MH 370, which mysteriously disappeared during its flight from Malaysia to Beijing. The Boeing Jet carrying over 200 people lost all contacts somewhere over the Indian Ocean. The cause of disappearance is yet to be established as all efforts to locate the flight turned futile.

6. A demonstrator protesting against the government, spending billions of public money for hosting the FIFA 2014 event, instead of utilizing it for more pressing issues.

7. The debris of the Malaysian airlines Flight MH17 which crashed while enroute to Kuala Lumpur. The flight was apparently shot down by pro-Russian separatists over the Ukraine-Russia border.

8. Lights were switched off at the Houses of Parliament in London, in remembrance of the lives lost in the war; on occasion of the 100th anniversary of WWI.

9. The outbreak of the Ebola virus has plagued western Africa. The officials are creating awareness against the deadly disease.

10. The installation was created during the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. The pro-democracy protests were held against the electoral reforms announced by the ruling party.

11. Night image of Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii which has been spewing lava in continuous bursts since June. The approaching lava stream is a threat to the people in the town of Pahoa with a population close to a thousand.

12. Images of the various phases of the Total Lunar Eclipse which occurred in 2014. The Eclipse is commonly called the Blood Moon.

13. The international cricket fraternity came together in the death of cricketer Phillip Hughes. The New Zealand team laid out their bats, to pay their condolences to the cricketer.

14. The spectacular ceremony of Narendra Modi being sworn in as India’s 15th Prime Minister at New Delhi.

15. A picturesque image of the frozen Niagara Falls.

16. A magnificent Aurora Borealis or the Northern lights seen in Mestervik Village in the Artic Circle.

17. Nobel Peace prize 2014 was shared jointly by Malala Yousufazi of Pakistan and Kailash Satyarthi of India for their contribution towards child rights and education.

18. The nation mourns for victims Peshawar Attacks. The Taliban militants barged into the Army School in Pakistan and started shooting the innocent children and staff. More than a hundred children were killed in the bloody massacre.

19. India created history on by becoming the first nation to successfully enter the mars orbit in the maiden attempt. The following is an image of Mars sent by the lunar mission.

20. The Rosetta mission’s rendezvous with the Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

21. The Sudan war, which resulted in killings of thousands, has left these children orphaned and at the mercy of rescue camps.

22. The Olympic ring disaster during the opening ceremony of Sochi Winter Olympics was one among the long line of problems which were reported during the event.

23. Women seeking shelter from gunfire in Kiev, Ukraine which is grappled in a deadly war between the anti-government protestors and ruling regime.

24. While treating Ebola many of the health workers contracted the disease and succumbed to it. Though the official figure is not released but the death toll is likely to be in hundreds.

25. Despite threats from the terrorist outfits a huge number of civilians turned out to cast their vote in the Afghanistan Presidential Elections.

26. A huge number of Immigrants were seen boarding a train from Mexico to USA. The train made much news and has been nicknamed ‘The Beast’ after it faced many accidents during the journey.

27. Palestinians are seen offering prayers in the rubbles of what used to be a mosque during a cease fire.

28. Harvard Medical College students’ stage a die in as a sign of protest in the USA. Protests were staged across the USA after cop was acquitted of charges in Michael Brown murder case.

29. ‘Hands up don’t shoot’ trends on twitter and became the rallying cry for protestors demanding justice for Michael Brown.

30. Martina Navratilova married longtime beau after 33 years of fighting for LGBT rights. Same sex marriage has been legalized in 35 states of USA.

31. Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated the Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan in India. As a part of the cleanliness drive he himself wielded the brooms along with other party members.

32. The infamous Luis Suarez bite during the world Cup Match between Italy and Uruguay during the FIFA World Cup in 201. The soccer player faced four months ban from FIFA and had to pay a hefty fine.

33. Anxious relatives of the Missing Air Asia flight wait for news of their loved ones.

34. Debris of the Air Asia Flight which went missing has been recovered from the Java sea.

35. The selfie that broke the retweet record with 3.4 mil re-tweets