4 Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Kyiv


The capital of Ukraine, Kyiv or Kiev, is the cultural epicenter of the country. Rich in history and bursting with the culture of contemporary Ukraine, Kyiv offers the perfect mix of both old and new. Those interested in the country’s rich history as well as hitting up some more touristy and hip spots in Ukraine are likely to find something of interest in Kyiv.

Visit St. Michael’s Monastery

This is some of the most impressive architecture you can find anywhere – period. The churches in Ukraine are rich and full of history. Visually, they are a sight to behold.

This monastery, in particular, was at one point torn down by Soviets in 1937! After being rebuilt in 1999, the architects mimicked the original monastery designs. What was created was an impressively new piece of architecture fashioned after a much older design.

Beautiful and vibrant, the monastery is a must-see. Those interested in photography would be loath to miss out on photographing the beautiful architecture of St. Michael’s Monastery.

Tour The Chernobyl Nuclear Zone

While Chernobyl is a dark point in European history, it is fascinating and important nonetheless. As with many sites at which tragedy occurred, this is a sobering reminder of past mistakes.

Remembering history is important, as this is the only thing that keeps us from repeating it. Taking a visit to Chernobyl, visitors will be confronted with a sight unlike any other. While not one of the most lighthearted ways to spend an afternoon, you’ll likely walk away from the Chernobyl Nuclear Zone feeling a profound sense of awe.

Be sure to schedule a tour with tour guides in Kiev to explore Chernobyl. These tours run often, as Chernobyl is often considered a must-visit destination for many.

Private Pub Crawl

After a sobering trip to historic sites, it’s easy to forget that Kyiv is a bustling and modern city. Plenty of tour guides in Kiev will be able to supply you with the opportunity to take a private pub crawl through Kyiv’s favorite spots.

Stop at some of the best bars in Kyiv, including:

  • Solomenska Browarnia
  • Cafe Fandom
  • Banka Bar
  • Pivna Duma
  • BierStadt

Kyiv has quite a thriving craft beer scene sure to please any beer enthusiast or the more casual imbiber.

Food Tasting Tour

Similar to the bar crawl, you’re going to want to go on a taste of Ukraine tour throughout Kyiv. As the country’s epicenter, Kyiv is able to marry the traditional flavors of the country together in its restaurant offerings.

While you may not know where to start when it comes to Ukranian cuisine, a guided tour with like-minded individuals (you can find these tours on showaround.com/guides/ukraine/kiev) can help you discover the best tastes the country has to offer.

Be sure to try some of the best traditional Ukranian foods:


This is a savory jelly made from meat or fish. Shaped in a mold similar to traditional dessert jellies, Kholodet is typically served as an appetizer.


An Eastern European staple, the Ukranian version includes beetroot, cabbage, carrots, and kidney beans and is sure to warm you up if you happen to visiting during the cold winter months.


More widely known as pierogi, these potato dumplings are another staple of European cuisines. Fill them with whatever you’d like – cheese, meats, cabbage, and dip them in sour cream. These are a must-eat.

Visit the Arsenalna Metro – the Deepest Subway Station

This is not simply the deepest subway station in Kyiv, nor is it the deepest subway station in Ukraine or even Europe for that matter, but the deepest subway station the world.

Visitors will feel as though they are headed down towards some sort of secret lair as they make the descent down into the station. It takes a whole 5 minutes to get to the very bottom of the station!