These 40 Ingenious Ways To De-Clutter Your House Will Change Your Life Forever! Especially 1 & 10!


1. Velcro your remotes to the side of your Tv

2. Use shower hooks to hang your bags

3. Use the space under your desk for storage

4. Use socks or a tape to corral your socks

5. Keep small things like batteries in small boxes with compartments

6. Fold your sheets and keep them in a pillow case for storage and easy picking after that

7. Designated “Crap basket” for each member of your family to order the laundry procedure

8. Hang the cords on the inside of your cupboard, you can these have no chance of misplacing them

9. Keep your spike buster out of sight by running the wires through the back of the drawer

10. Use a pegboard and zip ties underneath your desk to keep your wires neat.

11. Use Hooks not towel bars, it saves more space and is more efficient

12. Add outlets to drawers to keep clutter off of the table top

13. Make the best use of the space of your fake drawers

14. Make shelves along the corridor of your long hall way for storage.

15. Collapsible drying racks

16. Keep an eye on your little one with these Dutch doors

17. An unloading door that connects your garage to your kitchen

18. Into the wall beds for your kids to give them some play area by day.

19. Instead of a step stool, this slide away one will do

20. Stools on hinges save room in the kitchen

21. Built in wall drawers

22. Use your counters as storage space

23. Use an old ladder as a book shelf

24. Convert a folding chair into a closet and book shelf

25. Organize your cords with used toilet paper tubes

26. Staircase shelves for storage and saved space

27. Use shower curtain rings and a hanger to hang baseball caps

28. Make every corner of your home useful

29. Use LEGOs to keep your desk and other areas organized

30. Store balls by using bungee cords

31. Maximize your closet storage by using wonder hangers

32. Place your washer and dryer on top of a shelf

33. Use a wine rack to organize your purses

34. A shelf over the bathroom door is a great place for things that are rarely used

35. No place to air dry clothes? Hang a ladder

36. Never search for Tupperware lids again with this idea

37. Hang spray bottles using a tension rod

38. Storing firewood will not never look as good as this

39. Use a magnet strip under your cabinets to store spices

40. Use ice cube trays to store jewelry or crafts