6 Dark Secrets Of Disney! This Just Might Shock You!


Utter the word ‘Disney’ and the faces of the kids around you are sure to light up in joy. The multi-billion dollar empire has been making the childhood of many kids from across the globe memorable for decades. However, here are few discoveries about the amusement park which are sure to make an impact on your perception of the name and its amusement park, which is termed ‘The World’s Happiest Place’.

1. Employee Underwear
Employees of the amusement park, who dressed up in funny character costumes to entertain kids were not allowed to wear their own underwear while working. Disney claimed that normal underwear would often become evident in such a costume. Hence, they were given special underwear during working hours. The garment had to be returned along with the character costume at the end of each day. This rule became ineffective since 2001.

2. The Haunted Mansion
This thrilling ride at Disney’s amusement park lives up to its name, thanks to few visitors who gave it a try. It’s believed that during the 1990’s few park attendees dumped the ashes of their dead family members during the ride. This has led to widespread rumors and speculations that there are few real spirits making their presence felt at ‘The Haunted Mansion’

3. Splash Mountain
Splash Mountain is another controversial ride which was famous for nudity. The weird movements during the ride would often reveal few portions of the upper body of women. Many such moments were captured on camera, which forced Disney to keep a tab on such offenders. Many such pictures can even be found online.

4. J Edgar Hoover
Walt Disney maintained close relations with J Edgar Hoover, the first director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It’s alleged that the FBI gave access to Disney to shoot movies in their premises. Hoover and the investigation bureau were even given the rights to tweak the scripts of Disney movies. Members of the FBI and their families were even allowed to enter the amusement park for free.

5. Time at Disneyland rides
Since the theme park and its rides are really popular, it takes a really long time to get a chance to be a part of the thrilling experience. It’s claimed that the clocks at the park work slower than usual to make the visitors feel that they have not lost too much time waiting.

6. Debbie Stone
In 1974, an 18-year old student named Deborah Stone started working at the park to support her education. Deborah, or Debbie as she was fondly known as, was the hostess of a ride called ‘America Sings’. On a fateful day, Debbie moved close to the moving wall of the ride. The moving wall then pushed her against the stationary portion of the stage, crushing her to death. Some of the people on the ride apparently reported being able to hear screams but never thought much of it, assuming that it was a part of the ride.